Top Ten Tracks: David Bowie

Right, this might be totally bonkers to just pick out only ten tracks for someone like him because well, I’ll miss out so much! Maybe, I should done more than just ten for him but didn’t, oh well maybe I can do a part two and three or something? Everything has been said about him so I should get on with it, hey?

Reminding readers or whoever looking at this blog post these are my own personal faves so most likely no one else will have all these songs in your own fave Bowie list too, do you? Anyway here’s what tracks I choose…

Queen Bitch – Hunky Dory (1971)

Rock ‘n’ Roll SuicideThe Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (1972)

Young AmericansYoung Americans (1975)

Golden Years – Station to Station (1976)

Station to Station – Station to Station (1976)

Ashes to Ashes – Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) (1980)

Modern Love – Let’s Dance (1983)

I’m Deranged – Outside (1995)

Little WonderHours (1999)

Bring Me the Disco KingReality (2003)

Hopefully I do show at least how long a music career Bowie did have and not just focusing his 70’s stuff which is totally great but I do enjoy his later stuff just as much but just missing out was his final comeback in 2010’s, I should say which was amazing too!

So my score line is five for 70’s, two for 80’s, two for 90’s and one for 2000’s. Yeah, my fave David album is Station to Station and a very long time ago I did write something about it. I don’t really remember what the hell I gibbered on about then, it was like one of my first blog post ever so maybe I didn’t even know what the hell I was doing then? Here’s the link, if you did want to check it out now?

It’s mid-70’s David!

OK, to finish off 2018 I’m going to blog about a couple of bands formed back in the early 60’s which are just two of the biggest bands ever to make music on earth which I’ve not yet done in my top ten tracks posts. No prizes from guessing who the two acts are?

In the meantime, pretty please do tell me your fave Bowie songs too?

Cheers 🙂



  1. I agree it’s tough picking just 10 songs, but here goes:

    1. Let’s Dance
    2. China Girl
    3. Heroes
    4. Rebel Rebel
    5. This is Not America (with Pat Metheny)
    6. Space Oddity
    7. Under Pressure (with Queen)
    8. Golden Years
    9. Modern Love
    10. I’m Deranged

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  2. I’ve never bothered with Bowie past 1980 – probably missing some good music, but I’m OK with that:

    Life On Mars
    Ziggy Stardust
    Space Oddity
    Word on a Wing
    Breaking Glass
    Moonage Daydream
    Ashes to Ashes

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  3. As a fan I choose these 10:
    1. Heroes – including the german lyrics in the middle;
    2. Fame; the first Bowie Track I heared and makes me a fan in 1975
    3. Ahes to ashes
    4. climbing up the hill backwards
    5. This is not america (with Pat Metheney)
    6. Queen Bitch (of course too)
    7. (the port of) Amsterdam (the rare Jaques Brel Cover)
    8. Loving the alien
    9. TVC 15
    10. sound and vision

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  4. While knowing some Bowie songs during my pre-teen years (70-82), thanks to cousins revelling in the 70s, it was only until, ‘Blue Jean’ came out, that I really took notice. I really need to go back over every album, and listen to the deeper cuts. I felt a part of me die when he did. This feeling I’ve only experienced twice before, the passing of Prince, and Elvis (although I was quite young when the King died, but he was a staple at home).

    Suffragette City
    Jean Genie
    Golden Years
    Modern Love
    Blue Jean
    Miracle Goodnight
    Dirty Boys

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