Portrait Of The Artist As A Consumer: Mark E. Smith of The Fall

Digging around trying to find some more of my fave artists doing some kind-of fave music or stuff lists! I’ve come across one for The Fall front-man, singer-songwriter from 1981. Smith off course passed away earlier this year and maybe or could have updated this type of list since then but it’s so wicked cool I just have to post it here on my blog today! Starting with his music picks, including YouTube clips and working up the page. When I found it didn’t have where it was from so don’t ask? I don’t know where it’s from but at a guess it’s one of the English music newspaper types, just looking at the yellow paper!


Lou ReedTake No Prisoners (1978) with I Wanna Be Black

Peter Hammill from his 1981 album Sitting Targets and the track title

Johnny Cash from mid-70’s live album Strawberry Cake title track

The Panther Burns and that’s Tav Falco’s Panther Burns and here’s Bourgeois Blues from the 1981 album Behind The Magnolia Curtain

Sex PistolsGod Save The Queen (1977)

The Seeds ‎– Raw & Alive In Concert At Merlin’s Music Box (1968) with Pushin’ Too Hard

Various Artists ‎– Pebbles Volume 3 (1979) here’s track three Crystal ChandlierSuicidal Flowers

Various Artists ‎– 16 Greatest Truck Driver Hits (1978) is a whole album with NO artists credited at all!

Philip Johnson ‎– Radio City (1980) was a 16 track of experimental, industrial music on the label entitled HR Cassettes which as far as I can tell it’s never reissued and only released on tape in 1980 and now is very rare.

Der Plan title track from 1980 album Geri Reig

Alternative TV opening track The Ancient Rebels from Strange Kicks album of 1981

FearLand of the Homo Jews and Hank Williams Was Queer, live and yet another I can’t find anywhere but LA group has reform in the last few years reissuing old stuff on their own label but here’s the opening track Let’s Have a War on the 1982 debut album called The Record

The Mothers Of Invention ‎– We’re Only In It For The Money (1968) That’s Frank Zappa and it’s Who Needs the Peace Corps?


John Cleese adverts

BTW Bluey is an Aussie cop show set in Melbourne which ran in 1976-77 but thanks to 90’s The Late Show became even more well-known because they just re-dubbed with voice overs into Bargearse.

Roman Polanski’s Macbeth
Mel Brooks’ High Anxiety
Federico Fellini’s Roma
The Man with X-Ray Eyes and The Lost Weekend starring Ray Milland
Luchino Visconti’s The Damned
Days of Wine and Roses with Jack Lemmon
Charlie Bubbles with Albert Finney

Lenny Bruce
Alan Pellay
Bernard Manning
All Ian Curtis derivatives

Wyndham Lewis
Malcolm Allison
Virgin Prunes
The Worst live, Marchester Dec. ’77

Gulcher – Richard Meltzer
A Small Town in Germany – John Le Carré
A Scanner Darkly – Philip K. Dick
The Sirens of Titan – Kurt Vonnegut
The Deer Park – Norman Mailer
The Black Room – Colin Wilson
Ritual in the Dark – Colin Wilson
Cogan’s Trade – George V. Higgins
At the Mountains of Madness – H.P. Lovecraft
Beyond Good and Evil – Frederich Nietzsche

U.S. Civil War Handbook – William H. Price
How I Created Modern Music – D. McCulloch (a weekly serial)
True Crime Monthly
Private Eye
Fibs About M.E. Smith by J. Cope (a pamphlet)

Claude Bessy
William S. Burroughs

After the TV shows I’ve gave up making any commentary about Mark’s picks but a very quick google search you’ll find Malcolm Allison is a soccer player/manger who’s in his arts bit, Dave McCulloch wrote for Sounds newspaper and since writing the intro above to this blog post I’ve found out this was published in NME, August of 1981 so Smith basically putting their revival in his list. In writers Bessy also directed early The Fall video clips and worked at the famous Manchester’s Hacienda Club. The Worst also in arts was the support band of The Fall earliest release and Pellay in Comedians once was a front-man for a band opening for The Fall too but she now is Lanah P.

Anyway I can’t be bother to go into bio’s for everyone he’s listed above but if your a Smith and The Fall fan you might have seen this before? It’s pretty old and does all make sense if your a fan, putting a footy player in arts! The main thing was the music but I’ll see if I can find something a bit newer like it but I can image him telling anyone to piss off, if they did ask for something like this later in his life so it’s good that they got in early. I do remember Mojo magazine got him to talk about The Stooges’ Fun House album a few years before he died in the bit called: last night a record change my life. So if I can’t find anything else I might just post that up, OK?


Cheers 🙂


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