New Music: Body by The Necks

So I’ve not really blogged much about new albums this year at all but when I have I’ve really totally love it even if my new music so-called not reviews are bloody useless! I guess, the point is just for the fact I’d try and maybe I should just say you should have a listen to this because basically I dig it so much. I did want to post a few albums I’ve really loved this year before the end of the 2018 year. The first of hopefully some of these new albums that came out sometime in the last 12 months that I’ve just got to blog something about is The Necks. My love for this band just grows and grows because somehow they still blowing my mind! They have been together and this album comes after something like decades and decades playing together! I you’ve never heard of them? The Necks were formed in the late 80’s in Sydney as a trio of Tony Buck on drums, percussion and electric guitar, Lloyd Swanton on bass guitar or double bass and Chris Abrahams on on piano and Hammond organ.

Anyway to the music itself, The Necks are label something like contemporary, experimental jazz or simply just instrumental music. Off course that means they’re no lyrics to talk or write about. This brand new album was released in mid-August so I’m more than a few months late. Some posts of new albums of 2017, I did write about last year was about were six months old so this is an early one really. Once again I’ve got side track but who cares? It’s not like I get pay to write this stuff, I could write a whole pile of nonsense and no one is going to sack me for it! Well, I do write whole piles of nonsense most of the time really but people still seem to look at it, somehow? To quote a fave singer-songwriter “somethings I say are very serious and somethings I say are totally in jest.”

Let’s cut this post short now, OK? Please just have a listen to Body by The Necks and yeah, as you can see above and if your listening? It’s just one track that goes for over 50 minutes but stick with it because it just builds and builds plus it’s bloody great on repeat too!


Cheers 🙂

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