New Music: Double Negative by Harmony + Doming Home by Tom Lyngcoln

After yesterday’s post and being December I might just try to pile my blog sky high of new albums of 2018 I haven’t blogged about yet, OK? Well, I’ve got two albums today! I think the band Harmony might have popped up a few times this year but I know the last couple of posts was both last month and all about the two older albums and they were re-posts too! So just in cased you missed it or something? The third Harmony album was released back in July and then way back in late February his debut solo album was released by the lead singer-songwriter of Harmony, Tom Lyngcoln. BTW he’s got more bands you can count on one hand or is it two now? But these two albums were released this year. I think, I like Harmony as my fave band of his, for some reason which I don’t really know? But I might figure it out while I write this or most likely not! His solo album was beyond unbelievable great too!

Tom Lyngcoln‘s been around in the indie Aussie music scene since the late 90’s but here his debut album was recorded in 2017 and then released early 2018. So once again I’ve very, very, very, a few more very’s and then some more late writing about it! Only ten months or something? Tom here is using the dictionary definition of solo album because, I guess he’s had or does have a few bands when doing something finally under his own name, why not strip it back to just him and his electric guitar? Apparently it was recorded and mixed by himself in his lunch breaks, ten minutes drive from one of the worst suburbs in Australia just using one suburban room in a house. The albums title is very telling, Doming Home and if haven’t play yet and listening yourself? I’ll use words like raw, intense, brutal to describe both music and words of his amazing 11 track album! Why not play it and have listen yourself?

It seems he don’t take breaks because by March he’s got the band Harmony to released an early taste to the album that was released around mid-year. Fatal Flaw (just above) single is a much more mellow and I guess the whole album is too, even if they’re heavier parts on it. A second video clip was put out too for the opening song I Love You (just below) from the Double Negative album. The whole album does have a bit of a love theme to it but I don’t know if you would call it a love album? They’re from the epic Melbourne indie music scene. Recorded over five days at Kyneton Mechanics Hall by producer Mike Deslandes, along with Tom L the rest of the band are Alex Lyngcoln, Erica Dunn, Amanda Roff, Quinn Delany-Veldhuis, Jonathan Chapple, plus Mike Deslandes and John Watson are also credited on the inside album after the band members also Joe Greenway is named as the saxophone player.

If you need a little more new Harmony, than the ten tracks on this album or you just want more of those female vocals? Well, a six song 7″ play it at 33 speed RED vinyl EP entitled Harmonettes is Harmony cut down to a three piece line-up of Amanda Roff on Bass & Vocals, Erica Dunn on Guitar & Vocals and Quinn Delany-Veldhuis on Drums, recorded by Tom in one night in March and released in late July.

Who else digs these releases this year?


Cheers 🙂


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