New Music: With Animals by Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood

I do listen to music from overseas, it’s not just all Aussie music! Here’s one from this year I totally dig! So as kind-of now part three of playing catch-up of releases this year I’ve not yet blogged about. He don’t need an intro Mark Lanegan collaborative with Duke Garwood for the second album by this duo. Their first record was in 2013 with Black Pudding album, which would be easy in my top 5 albums from that year with my other four faves would be The Drones’ I See Seaweed, Mark Kozelek & Jimmy LaValle’s Perils From The Sea, Standish/Carlyon’s Deleted Scenes and Kirin J Callinan’s Embracism.

Skipping to 2018 or late August of this year for this release but I think the opening track Save Me debut at least a couple months earlier. Including all three promo video clips below and the spotify link above. Recorded mostly in LA, California which is where Mark called home ATM. Oh yeah, minus the closing track called Desert Song which was recorded out at Joshua Tree, California which where the desert is.

I do love all Mark’s work, all his solo and then his band records are totally amazing and off course very different like last year’s Mark Langan Band’s Gargoyle album could be his/their best but I guess the more mellow even called them acoustic solo albums have taken a more backseat to the full band records lately, with the full cover album entitled Imitations also from 2013 as his last one like that really. Maybe that’s why I’m treasuring this even more but it’s just so wonderful and beautiful but it’s on the darker side of wonderful and beautiful. Once again, I’m really not knowing what to say because what do you say about something that’s just so dark but wonderful and beautiful? It’s a dark masterpiece of wonderful beauty, how’s that?

OK, I might cut this short post because I don’t always have to talk totally shit forever in my blog posts and go on and on about not much at all! I’ve already told you how great this album! So please, have a listen to With Animals by Mark & Duke the now new-ish album if your reading this and haven’t yet or why not have another listen now even if you have already?


Cheers 🙂

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