New Music: The Dome by NUN

After missing blog posting for a couple of days, here’s another new album I totally dig! This one is pretty new compared to the four I gibbered on about last week, released in early November so maybe I shouldn’t post it today? Might wait around six month or something? Nope, even if this is complete rubbish which I’ve got to say myself, that’s not the best intro! Oh, just press play and listen it yourself because it’s bloody great and I’m total shit at writing reviews, you all should know that by now? Unless your totally new to my post today and you must be thinking this whole first paragraph is not even about the music? Fuck and shit help you, if this is your first time here?

Anyway, if for some silly reason you’ve not press play and still reading and not left in discussed yet? You’ve never, ever heard of NUN the band yet and what me to describe them to you? Like a normal review or something? Well, good fucking luck with that? I’m doing my best to not using any describing words! No, no here goes: I’ll say this is the best punk-synth album or synth-punk album of 2018!

NUN the band are yet another Aussie band hailing from Melbourne again. It’s been something like four years since their debut self-titled album and I think this is the very first time blogging about them so I shouldn’t be such a total bastard but I really shouldn’t bother writing anything at all! Does anyone read reviews anyway? Are you just looking for some numbers and a ranting system which your not going to find here on my blog at all! But it’s gotta be one of my albums of the year even if there is a throw back vibe to it, by now in 2018, nothing is new is not a news flash! Sorry being an idiot writing this but really please do have a listen to them and this new album! It might not be your thing or you could enjoy it, who knows?


Cheers 🙂


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