New Music: Self-titled by Little Ugly Girls

Instant underground wicked classic Aussie album! After yesterday post I’ll try harder today or at least tell you the basic facts before talking a pile of rubbish, OK? This is an unbelievable great debut album by a band Little Ugly Girls that’s been around since the 90’s! How you ask and why so long? I don’t know, maybe they just didn’t like recording studios or something? I don’t know, the full reasons but they’re like this legendarily live band that never recorded the songs and you just had to see them at live gig to hear their songs, I did finally did see them only this year for this album launch. Amazing show and my write-up is here, if want to have a look?

So they formed the early days of the 90’s in Hobart, Tasmania which the island south to the rest of Australia. They’re the Aussie punk-rock at it’s most Aussie punk-rock! The underground myth or legend or whatever you call it grew over the 20 plus years, over those years they’re play some wicked shows and also with some very big international acts like ultimate riot girls Bikini Kill somehow got convicted to play with them in Hobart of all places, The White Stripes support the Little Ugly Girls in Melbourne on their first Aussie tour, then supports to Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Fugazi etc. Over than time some live recording were made like on cassettes and one three track CD-R, you can find one of the old 90’s cassettes linked here too!

Anyway this self-titled debut album does included recordings made from way back in 90’s but never released until early August this year plus also some new sessions were also need to finish off this album. Really, in my tiny opinion it’s a total masterpiece as album and no one couldn’t have hope for more! I’m more than happy they waited this long to finally put out this album so check it out, please! You might just love it too?


Cheers 🙂

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