Albums Of The Year: 2018

Better late than never! I figure, I better posted my fave ten well, it’s thirteen albums of 2018! Most lists or polls for the end of the year like this have already been up and some up for what seems like ages ago now. I was trying to write a blog post for each of these albums before posting this but failed miserably at that because I’m pretty shit bad at reviewing new stuff but I did in the end do eight of the 10/13 albums a post each but I don’t know if they’re really worth reading? Nope! Listening to the albums? Hell yeah!

Anyway my album of this year winner is…

Tropical Fuck StormA Laughing Death In Meatspace

The rest of my ten or the nine albums are NOT really numbered/ranted in anyway but are…

Joe McKeeAn Australian Alien

The NecksBody

NUN – The Dome

MOD CON – Modern Convenience

Little Ugly GirlsLittle Ugly Girls

The Aints!The Church of Simultaneous Existence

Mark Lanegan & Duke GarwoodWith Animals

Mark KozelekMark Kozelek

Kamasi WashingtonHeaven and Earth

Plus my fave live, soundtrack and reissue/box-set releases are…

Live: Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsDistant Sky

Soundtrack: Liars 1/1 

Reissue/box-set: Bobbie GentryThe Girl From Chickasaw Country

Well, those are the albums I think personally loved and enjoyed the very most from this year almost gone. Well, Distant Sky was more seeing that movie, going to cinema to watch them live on the big screen but it’s only been release since then as a four track EP, so far.

TFS in the pines and flowers

I’ve notices bigger lists of albums of the year but ten/thirteen is totally fine for me, who else is going listen to them all anyway? It’s my fourth annual and I’ve kind-of done the very same for the last three years here on my blog, yeah anyway it’s back for the fourth year now! Wanna say something about my albums picks of 2018, please do below? Plus the next three/four of day’s posts, I’m posting some more kind-of end of 2018 thingos!

Cheers 🙂



  1. I don’t think you’re late at all! Hell, the year’s not over yet, and I still haven’t published my Top 100 Best Songs of 2018 (not that anyone will give a shit when I do…)

    I’m not familiar with most of your choices, other than Kamasi Washington’s, which is showing up on a lot of best album lists. I will check them all out though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I guess so because i could have posted it on Xmas day or after or something? I hope enjoy them or something depending on what you listen too? Maybe, you can review them way better than me! KW deserve all he’s getting and he is even better live too, you know?
      Cheers 🙂

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