Playlist: Most Listened Tracks of 2018

So following my fave albums of this year post yesterday, here’s a playlist the songs I played most! Well kind-of, maybe only the ones on my laptop! I did a blog post like this last year for the first time so this is the second year in a row I’ve done this. This year’s playlists are based on my profile but I think, I did say this last year as well that bloody thing doesn’t work really right but this year it was even worst! If you don’t know what is? It’s suppose to track/count all your online/offline music played everywhere say on my laptop or your phone etc. But at this point at the end of this year or sometime before it’s only counting my bandcamp and youtube plays and everything else has stopped working for hell knows what reason? So off course it can’t counts my home record player, the home CD player and my car’s CD player plus my old iPod classic player which got last plugged into the laptop around March earlier this year plus also my phone still has no music on it, what else? I don’t know, maybe that’s it?

Above is the the playlist on YouTube, I think I used Spotify to make it last year but a pile of the songs for my top 50 were missing but only one is missing this year. I have marked it with a little star like this * after the artist/band/act, song title, the release name and the [year] in brackets it was put out. I’ve just added one more track. So the full list of the 51 songs is below.

I’ve NOT edited it down to only this year’s releases so included older tracks but amazing it’s mainly it’s this and last year with a few others songs like a few acts I’ve seen live that were bloody great, Mark E. Smith die earlier this year so that The Fall track is my fave one from a few years back. Plus then a few Nick Cave songs that got hammered: one from his last album released from two years ago, another two which were also on the new best of comp from last year and then a couple that are just non-singles album tracks that I just must love. I made the playlist to count down from 50 to 1 but below is 1 to 51 list, enjoy!

  1. Tropical Fuck Storm — You Let My Tyres Down – A Laughing Death in Meatspace [2018]
  2. MOD CON — Kidney Auction Blues – Modern Convenience [2018]
  3. Tropical Fuck Storm — Rubber Bullies – A Laughing Death in Meatspace [2018]
  4. Tropical Fuck Storm — Chameleon Paint – Chameleon Paint / Mansion Family [2017]
  5. Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood — Save Me – With Animals [2018]
  6. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds — Anthrocene – Skeleton Tree [2016]
  7. Tropical Fuck Storm — Stayin’ Alive – Rubber Bullies / Stayin’ Alive [2018]
  8. Time For Dreams — You’ve Got a Friend – You’ve Got a Friend [2018]
  9. Tropical Fuck Storm — Antimatter Animals – A Laughing Death in Meatspace [2018]
  10. Alex Cameron — Candy May – Forced Witness [2017]
  11. New War — Get in the Boot – Coin [2018]
  12. Jen Cloher — Great Australian Bite – Jen Cloher [2017]
  13. Tropical Fuck Storm — Soft Power – Soft Power / Lose the Baby [2017]
  14. Tropical Fuck Storm — The Happiest Guy Around – LAMC #18 [2018] *
  15. The Black Angels — Young Men Dead – Passover [2006]
  16. Tropical Fuck Storm — Two Afternoons –  A Laughing Death in Meatspace [2018]
  17. Mark Kozelek — Weed Whacker – Mark Kozelek [2018]
  18. Augie March — When I Am Old – Bootikins [2018]
  19. Tropical Fuck Storm — Back To The Wall – You Let My Tyres Down / Back To The Wall [2018]
  20. HTRK — More to Enjoy – Drama [2018]
  21. Tropical Fuck Storm — The Future Of History – A Laughing Death in Meatspace [2018]
  22. Batpiss — Weatherboard Man – Rest in Piss [2017]
  23. West Thebarton — Moving Out – Different Beings Being Different [2018]
  24. Liars — Murdrum – Titles with the Word Fountain [2018]
  25. Xylouris White — Only Love – Mother [2018]
  26. Little Ugly Girls — Tractor – Little Ugly Girls [2018]
  27. Tropical Fuck Storm — A Laughing Death In Meatspace – A Laughing Death in Meatspace [2018]
  28. Harmony — I Love You – Double Negative [2018]
  29. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds — Loom of the Land – Henry’s Dream [1992]
  30. MOD CON — Scorpio Moon – Modern Convenience [2018]
  31. The Fall — Venice With The Girls – Sub-Lingual Tablet [2015]
  32. Time For Dreams — Project – In Time [2017]
  33. Tropical Fuck Storm — Shellfish Toxin – A Laughing Death in Meatspace [2018]
  34. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds — The Weeping Song – The Good Son [1990]
  35. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds — Abattoir Blues – Abattoir Blues/The Lyre Of Orpheus [2004]
  36. Mark Lanegan — Beehive – Gargoyle [2017]
  37. Alex Cameron — Country Figs – Forced Witness [2017]
  38. Liars — Cred Woes – TFCF [2017]
  39. The Avalanches — Frontier Psychiatrist – Since I Left You [2000]
  40. Mogwai — Hunted by a Freak – Happy Songs for Happy People [2003]
  41. Jesu/Sun Kil Moon — Needles Disney – 30 Seconds to the Decline of Planet Earth [2017]
  42. Ata Kak — Obaa Sima – Obaa Sima [1994]
  43. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds — Sad Waters – Your Funeral… My Trial [1984]
  44. Alex Cameron & Angel Olsen — Stranger’s Kiss –  Forced Witness [2017]
  45. Kamasi Washington — Truth – Harmony of Difference [2017]
  46. Thundercat — A Fan’s Mail (Tron Song Suite II) – Drunk [2017]
  47. High Tension — Bite the Leash (Burn) – Purge [2018]
  48. Pagan — Death Before Disco – Black Wash [2018]
  49. Pist Idiots — Fuck Off – Pist Idiots EP [2017]
  50. Palm Springs — Hollywood Failure – Palm Springs & Friends [2018]
  51. Tropical Fuck Storm — Lose The Baby – Soft Power / Lose the Baby [2017]
MOD CON win the feature image today with the second place song because TFS had the feature image yesterday!

Gonna ask now, did anyone listen to all that? Do you have any idea want song or songs you played the most this year?

Cheers 🙂


  1. Your tastes are pretty different from mine. While I do like lots of different types and genres of music, I tend to go for more mainstream stuff, whereas I’m guessing you probably despise anything pop, tending to go for more unorthodox & unique sounds. Tropical Fuck Storm appear to be your favorite band of 2018 lol, and I do like their cover of “Stayin’ Alive”. Also, several artists and bands you like are Australian, so I’m not as familiar.

    That said, I’ve listened to all the songs on your playlist (whew!) and like many of them, especially Hollywood Failures, Bite the Leash, A Fan’s Mail, Sad Waters, Needles Disney, Hunted By a Freak, Abattoir Blues, Moving Out, More to Enjoy, When I Am Old, Two Afternoons, Get in the Boot, Candy May, Anthrocene & Kidney Auction Blues.
    My favorites are Weatherboard Man, Young Men Dead & Rubber Bullies.

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    1. Wow-wee! Amazing you listen to the whole thing! Glad you liked some and picked out three faves, they’re great ones and very nice picks but off course I’m saying that because it’s all stuff I totally love!
      TFS timing was pretty perfect, the album was released early in the year and yeah it got hammered and fave album of 2018! They’re right now back in the recording studio so I’m looking forward to 2nd album next year!
      I guess, we do have pretty different tastes in music because when i was listening to your top 10/20 songs of your fave 100 songs of this year post, I didn’t say it at the time but thinking it was very pop and maybe a bit too much pop for me! But might try and throw in some of my fave pop stuff next year, how about that?
      Oh, next year is tomorrow!
      Cheers again 🙂

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