Blogging Highlights: 2018

So one more blog post this year before, I think I’ll give it rest or have a break for a week or so after this one today, OK? I did one like this the end of last year for the first time to figure out what the hell I blogged about all year and what peeps liked to read or at least it’s what the stats say are the most hits! No music in this post but you can go clicking mad because I’ve linked a lot of stuff which you could have missed or maybe not?

The my top reads/looks/views post this year is the Bong Odyssey record, the old 90’s and early recordings by two members who when on to formed The Drones, the Aussie band I do bang on about a lot. I think, the reason I got hit a lot was very little promo or PR was done about this LP, yeah it was only been released on vinyl so anyway everybody/anyone re-posted it with numbers into the hundreds on facebook etc. now the grand total adds up to well over 1,800 views but it’s funny the record itself had a limited pressing of only 500 copy’s and you know? It hasn’t sold out yet, it’s unbelievable great listening so buy it foolz!

After that my other big post or scoop was when I found out the track listing to A Laughing Death In Meatspace by Tropical Fuck Storm before the band itself or anyone official announced it, I think they must fuckin’ hate me by now? That’s one when well into the triple figures but off course no one’s give a shit about it now and stopped looking at it now because it’s old news!

What the hell else did I blog about? Well, other popular posts also well into triple figures somehow are: the comeback song by HTRK, when I got the email from Nick Cave, live gigs was my going back to Golden Plains, followed by Brian Hooper’s tribute show in Perth also posted under remembering, cover versions was my fave Rockwiz duets picks, my top top ten tracks was the Nick Cave one, of all my yearly playlists from mid-1950’s to mid-2000’s the highest views was the year 1991, the re-post from elsewhere of the year was Swan’s leader Micheal Gira’s fave albums, the top looks of new album released in 2018 was all about that TFS debut, off course. Then going down to only two figures but getting close to three is one of my so-called classic albums set who the winner was Neil Young’s Zuma which I only posted 19 total of that set, really I’ll have to do more next year, if I’m ever going to finish that project? My top book I wrote about was Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle, which I’ve only just realized it has been turned into a TV show. At some point I stopping joining in Sunday lyric theme but Let Go was my top one with Tom Waits, I really didn’t blog much about or listen much to 1001 albums book list but at just over 50 view’s is the year of 1997 but I better do more of that to next year too! The top older post was all about Nick Cave’s 1999’s Meltdown fest at four hundred and something in the last 12 months!

I think, that’s all very interesting but totally pointless! It really don’t know why I’ve blogging about all this and it don’t matter what’s the top viewed blog post/s is or are because I’m going just going to keep blogging about shit I love and that’s about it really! Hope anyone who has a big or little read/look enjoys it?

Merry Xmas and happy new year everyone/anyone, see you next year!

It’s Nick Cave typing on his version of a laptop!

BTW if you still haven’t yet check out Nick Cave’s new website? Why not have a look at The Red Hand Files now and you know? You can asks him any question you like too!

Cheers 🙂


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