Portrait Of The Artist As A Consumer: The Birthday Party’s Rowland S. Howard & Nick Cave

 I did post two of these last month so this is now the third one, this is like two in one and most likely the last one ever I’ve blog about! Here’s the newspaper cutting from 1982′ NME magazine at the top of the post and then below are some related youtube clips I’ve embedded if you want to play them or not? Off course, I’m picking the songs below unless it’s named by title. Plus because NME seems to like round (brackets) I’m joining in the fun will my own square [brackets] too.



Anita [Lane, Nick’s girlfriend at this point]

Wise Blood (film and book) [film directed by John Houston and novel by Flannery O’Connor]

 Cyrano de Bergerac (film and book) [play written in 1897 by Edmond Rostand and guessing it’s the 1950 film directed by Michael Gordon staring José Ferrer]

The Stooges

Carolyn Jones

The Fall

Evel Knievel 

Brad Dourif

Johnny Cash

Samuel Beckett

George Jones

Tanya Tucker

Robert Mitchum

Ed “Big Daddy” Roth [He did the front cover artwork for their Junkyard album]

Nick Cave: DEATHLIST Supertramp (Dreamer, Bloody Well Right), Crucial 3, Stevie Wonder (Sunshine Of My Life, Isn’t She Lovely) and David McCullough [also on Mark E. Smith list]



Carolyn Jones (as an alcoholic and Morticia Addams)

The Night of the Hunter (book, film, L.O.V.E./H.A.T.E. [tattoos] across the knuckles of Robert Mitchum/The Preacher) [Novel by Davis Grubb]

The Story Of Love (The Saints)

Raymond Chandler


Lee Hazlewood [& Nancy Sinatra] (Some Velvet Morning)

Manhattan Island

Crime & The City Solution [Howard was a member of this band at one point]

Gloomy Sunday

The Bark Tree (book by Raymond Queneau)

Fireworks (Tuff Monks) [Basically members of both The Birthday Party & The Go-Betweens one and only song they release]

Chuckle Buster, Klaus Kinski

Walk On By

Adulterers Anonymous (book by Lydia Lunch)

The End (The Doors)

Nick [left] and Rowland in The Birthday Party.

The Birthday Party as a band at this point only had one year left before the big break-up! The only thing in commend at this point seems to be both Rowland and Nick list is naming Carolyn Jones and the actor Robert Mitchum and The Night Of The Hunter movie which he stared in back in the mid-50’s. Anyway to finish this post here’s the band themselves preforming live on German TV the title track from what would be their final album entitled Junkyard. 

BTW If you missed my post late last night Nick Cave himself answer my question, check it out: linked here!

Cheers 🙂


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