Great Art: Daniel Richter’s Poor Girl and his 2005 Paintings

Intro yet another new title/tag and yet another kind-of blog post title today! Seems I did post my fave books and films lists last year and we have just started another new year might be the best time to do this. It’s basically just going to be my fave visual artists and posts to catalog their work that I like/love here on my blog! Simply that, I know it’s supposed to be just a music blog but hey! It’s my blog and I can want ever the shit I want too, OK?

So the very first of these new posts is going to be my fave of faves. The German artist, Daniel Richter who was born 1962. From musos no one says what year they’re born or what not but for painters and visual artists it’s one of first thing peeps what to know, age? So Daniel is 56, his b’day is in mid-December so you can send him late card. Anyway I’m not so keen on his newer work but your most likely going to see posts on all his 2000’s works sooner or later but I’ll mix it up with some other painters/artists too but he’s a fave so just letting you know, more to come! 2005 and mid decade seems like a great place to start and brutal painting entitled Poor Girl would be the highlight for me of these works. I’m a painter myself but I will not bored you to death with art talk BS but Richter continues a long history of great German artists to say the least!

Poor Girl, 2005
Weil irh alle beschissene malerei, müssen wir alle sterben, 2005
Oriente, 2005
Elektro-a, 2005
Warn, 2005
Die Aufklärung, 2005
Headbanger, 2005
Foyerim, 2005
50 Cents, 2005
Ferbenlaare, 2005
Küss’ die Schlampe, Flagge, 2005

All painting are oil on canvas from the year 2005 both important facts, title of the artworks are both in German and English and as far as I know, I’ve got all these around the right way as the artist intended. Off course, copyright belongs to Daniel Richter!

OK, seem it’s a music here’s a song called Poor Girl to finish it off today. The band called X of America recorded it in the early 80’s but solo John Doe re-recorded it acoustic years later, here’s both versions:

Cheers 🙂

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