Great Art: Richard Prince’s Nurse Paintings of 2002

So here’s part two of my fave art by my fave artist, that’s visual artists and the first two posts are paintings! Richard Prince is more well-known for his non-paintings but these are my faves of his because it’s pretty much some of his only set of art works that look like paintings!

Richard Prince is American was born in 1949 and has been a very prolific artist since the mid 70’s. I would say or some-up his artworks are mainly based on photos and that’s other people’s photos, American advertising was his source material very early on and borrowing from else where is his thing if you want to quickly get to the point. Even these nurse paintings from early to mid-2000’s are based old book covers, he collect any old 50’s/60’s trash novels with nurse in the title, amazingly he didn’t just re-prog them as it is but added the painterly quality to them. Now he’s possibly done, nope he has done hundreds of these painting so I’m trying to track down some of the earlier ones here from 2002. All painting are inkjet print and acrylic on canvas too.

Nurse of Greenmeadow, 2002
Nurse Elsa, 2002
Washington Nurse, 2002
Heartbreak Nurse #2, 2002
Young Nurse Rayburn, 2002
Registered Nurse, 2002
Surgical Nurse, 2002
Dude Ranch Nurse, 2002

To the indie rock world these might be his most known works because thanks to Sonic Youth naming their 2004 album Sonic Nurse, I can’t think of any of Prince’s other artworks translating so well to the music world at all. Kim Gordon did write a song called Dude Ranch Nurse but my fave song from that album is her track originally titled Mariah Carey and the Arthur Doyle Hand Cream. Seems this is really a music blog here’s both those songs now, enjoy!

At point around this time, I think maybe it was the exhibition opening which in 2003 for these paintings in New York. Kate Moss dressed in a nurse outfit and then Prince himself taken some photos of her, here’s one to end this post!


Cheers 🙂

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