Great Art: Sarah Lucas’ Self-Portraits & Christ Sculpture of late-90’s/early-2000’s

So I’m just keep going on about my fave art/artists with now three back to back posts! Seems what I blog about yesterday, let’s go all feminism today with Sarah Lucas works but some that don’t get explicit, OK? I’ve save those artworks for a little later on, maybe I’ll get back to her after this post so call this one a easing into her work. Well, that’s if you’ve never seen her before or heard of her? If not, just look it up yourself!

Lucas emerged in the early to mid-90’s as pretty much my fave of the Brit-art artists, yeah kind-of of like the Brit-pop music/bands of the time but visual artists. This time, third post is not a painter or well, some work I’ve include today does have paint on it, I guess. Born in England in 1962 are her basic facts or details, if you are interested?

The first self-portrait below is my fave of them which culled from a set of about a dozen photographs Sarah did in the early to late 90’s, then reprocessed with in sets with some of that orange color added over the top. The total simply on brown paper with cigarettes to made her own portrait is pure genius, that from the year 2000 is pretty much my next fave of all her other self-portraitist Lucas has done over the years. Finally one of my fave sculpture, the Christ made from cigarettes on the red and white cross on a wall which, off course is the English flag too. Made of it what you will but I do love her and these works with off-course her smoking theme!

Fighting Fire with Fire, 1996
Fighting Fire with Fire (6 pack), 1997
Installation view with Fight Fire with Fire (20 pack) set blurred in background and close-up of New Religion (Orange), 2013 in foreground.
Self-portrait with Cigarettes, 2000
Christ You Know It Ain’t Easy, 2003
Christ You Know It Ain’t Easy, 2003 (detail)
Christ You Know It Ain’t Easy, 2003 (installation view)

When looking up these artworks I did forget the titles plus I’ve got to say after these last three blog posts, the internet is not very good for double checking with so art books came out which maybe should done that in the first place. Anyway the two main ones above do have very easy music related titles because one I know for a fact is named after the John Lennon’s lyrics. The other Sarah is named after just the saying or phrase but has more than one song also named that! Because once again, do I need to say it? Music blog! Here’s a couple of songs to finish on The Beatles’ The Ballad Of John and Yoko plus then it’s Metallica’s Fight Fire With Fire, enjoy!

Cheers 🙂


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