Playlist: triple J’s Hottest 100 shortlist & votes

I don’t know why I do this? Because the songs I do vote for never end up in the final countdowns, I did post something like this last year plus gave a little of my history of the very rare time I picked a winner or top ten track, to some it up briefly I wouldn’t know hit single/song if one did hit me over the head with a crowbar! If did wanna look/listen at my picks from last year or have read how totally shit I am at this here’s a link to that post!

OK, I just picked from the ones or thousands of songs already on the triple J’s website and to start with I made a shortlist of A to Z by the songs’ titles, around one per letter of alphabet which some I’ve blog about last year or maybe not. More Aussie acts make it on into my blog with some for the very first and some repeat again, a few oversea acts plus a couple of my fave Like A Version covers from last year. In my opinion triple J so mainstream now, it is the mainstream so I guess this post you’ll find more well-known songs than in my normal blogs which I seem to champion the less well-known, sometimes. It’s kind-of interesting what JJJ include and don’t! Anyway here’s my shortlist of 22 tracks below plus the highlighted in bold text are songs I did voted for in the end with above the 22 tracks playlist in the same A-Z song title order! Enjoy if you do have a listen?

Sarah Blasko – A Shot

High Tension – Bite The Leash (Burn)

Augie March – Bootikins

Courtney Barnett – City Looks Pretty

Pagan – Death Before Disco

IDLES – Danny Nedelko

Dream Wife – Hey Heartbreaker

Clowns – I Shaved My Legs For You

Thundercat – King Of The Hill {Ft. BADBADNOTGOOD/Flying Lotus}

Kurt Vile – Loading Zones

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Muddy Water

Bleeding Knees Club – No Strings

Arctic Monkeys- One Point Perspective

The Presets – Power And The Passion {triple j Like A Version 2018}

Drunk Mums – Roll With The Punches

Pist Idiots – Smile

West Thebarton – Stuck On You

Holiday Sidewinder – Tra$h Can Luv

Cat Power – Woman {Ft. Lana Del Ray}

Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders – White Flag

Tropical Fuck Storm – You Let My Tyres Down

West Thebarton – You’ve Got The Love {triple j Like A Version 2018}

No surprises, all my finals votes go to all Aussie acts, once again they’re the ones in bold because you can only vote for ten songs too!


Did anyone listen to all or any of my first playlist of 2019 of last year’s songs? Or did you vote? What was your ten songs? And do remember your shortlisted tracks too?

Cheers 🙂



  1. Whilst I don’t live in Australia, left in 95, I am familiar with triple j’s Hot 100. I don’t know what songs they have listed, but I guarantee I’d know less than a quarter. My knowledge of anything currently popular with the youth majority, is miniscule to say the least. I listen to a lot of music, but could not name a Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Drake, etc song for my life. I do intend to listen to your choices, and will give you feedback hopefully soon. I am in the labourius task of narrowing down all the songs i liked in 2018, to a more manageable list, for no one’s sake but my ipad.


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