Great Art: Philip Guston’s 1973 Paintings

The next dead artist, well visual artist or oil painter is Philip Guston and some his paintings from 1973 or my collection of some of my fave’s of his and that year here on my blog. I’m starting here because he’s most likely going get more than one blog post or few about him or his painting at least. Could be yet another of my fave of all the dead painters ever too!

The very first artwork at the top of this post is entitled My Coffee Cup and most of these revolve artworks around his everyday life of painting, drinking, eating, sleeping and not much more. Oh, he did like a good pair of shoes or a few! Also things are not getting too crazy here in his paintings just yet and most likely, if you’ve never seen his work before a good starting point? A nice intro to his paintings, hopefully? Guston basic details are he was born in 1913 in Montreal, Canada and then die in 1980 and was pretty much a New York artist in that last decade or more, if that helps at all? All paintings below are oil on canvas!

My Coffee Cup, 1973
Painting Smoking Eating, 1973
Painter in Bed, 1973
Painter’s Table, 1973
The Canvas, 1973
Smoking I, 1973
A photo of the artist with his paintings!

OK, today whoever you are looking at my art blog post you get to take a pick of two songs or just listen to both? Now most likely I could easy do a whole post with just smoking theme songs but here’s two great ones: Patsy Cline’s Three Cigarettes in an Ashtray and Four Cigarettes by Malcolm Middleton.

Cheers 🙂


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