Remembering: Chris Wilson

Reading the sad news this morning even if we knew this one was was coming because Wilson himself letting us know about it last year sometime. Still hard reading that he’s no longer with us. So having a look for some of his music on Youtube after reading that and once again I might as well embedded some of them in a post!

He was a great Aussie performer, he is on Aussie TV show in the 90’s with Shoot Out at the 7-11 which was original on 1987’s Crown Of Thorns’ Gnawing On The Bones Of Elvis mini-album of 1987.

Harem Scarem was an earlier band he was in and the Hard Rain song even had a promo video clip which from the 1986 album Pilgrim’s Progress.

Paul Kelly’s Dumb Things but did you know? It was Chris Wilson who played the original harmonica on this well-known Aussie classic from 1987.

The Wilson Diesel album and collaboration entitled Short Cool Ones is most likely one of his most well-known and this was the lead single I Can’t Stand The Rain ‎which was from that 1996 album.

In 1993 he guest on 70’s punk rocker Steve Lucas from Aussie X band who had gone solo, totally mellowed out and got an acoustic guitar but is a very long forgotten album entitled Bread And Water with the opening track Giving It All Away.

Back to 80’s, if you can’t tell by now he loved the blues and here he is with Hugo Race & The True Spirit on the 1989 Rue Morgue Blues album with the closing track Mojo Hand.

Back to the 90’s again and his solo Live At The Continental album and he did love a cover or two so here’s a well-known one with Bob Dylan’s It Takes A Lot To Laugh It Takes A Train To Cry.

If you never listened to him before or just wanted to listen to even more now? I think, that 1994 live album Live At The Continental would be the best one at least to kick off with! He loved it live on the stage, maybe more than the recording studio and Chris Wilson is front and center, off course being a solo album! Anyway I might leave it at that for now as just a tiny taste of all Chris Wilson did, with these half a dozen killer songs I’ll like to highlight on my blog today!

Chris both smoking and playing his harmonica at the same time!

Rest is Peace

Cheers 😥


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