Great Art: Marlene Dumas mid-80’s Portraits

Off course, I’m jumping around and there really is no order to these art posts! Today I wanted the look at Dumas’ portraits and my fave of all her stuff is the feature image or the last one on this post. Maybe, it’s all the use of just mainly one of the primary colors or the subject matter but I don’t know? But making an intro blog post of her artwork it’s got to be the main one!

The one just below starting the set of works I picked is a self-portrait, if you’ll like to know? I’m counting the years 1984, 1985 and 1986 as the mid-80’s in my blog post title but this is only a selection of paintings from those years and only of faces too because that’s what portraits mean. But thinking about that now after writing that: portrait as an artist that can just be as simple as the canvas or whatever you are painting or doing art on going vertical and landscape don’t actually have to be a landscape but pointing  horizontal but really I’m talking a load of art BS now and who care about all that so I’ll shut-up about all that!

Marlene Dumas details are she was born in 1953 in Capetown, South Africa and is a currently still a living artist plus now works in Europe, well last time I checked so I might be wrong about that? All paintings here are oil on canvas but Marlene does like to do a good watercolor on paper too but I’ll blog about them some other time, OK?

Fun fact today about Dumas as far as I remember, once again I might be wrong about this again? All her paintings are based on from photographs and not the real life subject matter sitting in front of her like some artists like to do!

Evil is Banal, 1984
The Girlfriend, 1986
Genetiese Heimwee (Genetic Longing), 1984
The Space Age, 1984
Jule – the Women, 1985

So today I’m just going to use one of the paintings titles above to come up with the music I’ve picked, second painting down I’ve got a couple of my all-time fave pop songs with girlfriend in their title! Most likely they’re hundreds/thousands/millions of songs with girlfriend in the title or girlfriend theme but here’s just two finish off my post, enjoy!

Cheers 🙂



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