TFS No Country For No Man original live film score

Where the bloody hell is this gone? After the last post and while I’m at it! Why don’t they just release the full No Country For No Man live movie score/soundtrack sometime? They must have recordings of it, right? I’ve got to post these two tiny little samples of it below because it’s all I can find and it don’t look like they’re going to made it available. Maybe they will, who does knows?



These couple of photos are by Simon Aubor.

So cataloging almost everything just above, I can find online about it adds up to not much at all really but it’s a quite Tuesday January night so why not? I wasn’t in Melbourne then, stuck here in Perth and totally missed seeing it live but I did read a lot of fans else where in the world also would have love to hear it, you know? Just put out the music they created for it, just edited the film out. Easy, if they is problem with copyright or something because it’s a movie! It could be just even one very long track, the length of the film? So if the listener does or if you did what to watch it you could match it up with the movie or just listen to the music by itself own.

I remember reading at the time some reviews with some parts they didn’t even play music, the amps just buzzed but wouldn’t that be wicked cool listening to just buzzing amps waiting for next thing to happen? Well, if your not watching film. In the close-up photo it’s only Fiona and Erica with microphones in front of them so they must have been the only ones singing which you can hear a little in the two samples I found on instagram above. Off course the total opposite to the normal, well other than the two 7″ b-side covers, so far. But then Gareth has way more crazy looking shit piled up like a mountain in front of him!

I always wanted The Drones to have done an soundtrack/instrumental album. I know Liddiard has a way with his words but just the music, noise and sounds are great too. I always hoped some movie directer would hire them to do something but nope. This is the closest after some bits on Bong Odyssey album were instrumental, Shellfish Toxin from TFS debut were both great last year so why not?

Even if it’s just downloading/streaming on bandcamp/soundcloud or something? But it would be way better if it was a physical release, you know that? What about three releases in 2019? Gareth Liddiard + King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard collaboration album, TFS No Country For No Man original live score/soundtrack and then the TFS second studio album. They might as well reissue The Drones’ Gala Mill and Havilah on vinyl too! What with your Aussie, Europe and America tours, that should keep them out of trouble!


BTW If for some mad reason you’ve not seen this film but now? Here’s the trailer so please stop want your are doing and just go and watch it now! For that matter, I should stop writing these idiotic blog posts and watch it again now!

Cheers 🙂

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