Great Art: Gottfried Helnwein’s late-70’s Drawings & Watercolors

Things are about to get strange, a bit weird and even a little fucked-up today! I was going to ease into this bloke’s art but I think that’s just totally impossible. Some have been very offended by it in the past when I’ve shown it so a little intro that subject matter below might not be your cup of tea? I guess, he’s done way more weird and fucked-up art that these ones I’ve got today! So it might a pretty good or not too bad intro, if you’ve not seen any of his artwork before?

Anyway Helnwein’s paintings are of epic proportions but I’m saving them for a little later, OK? My intro blog post today to his artwork is with his drawings, these are amazing just for the fact they’re all done with just cross-hatching. The drawings are ink on paper and those ones are all just black & white but the top two are the watercolors which both are on cardboard.

His details are he’s currently a living artist and it seems he turned 70 years old last year. Austrian born artist but since the late 90’s and early 2000’s works and lives in-between Dublin, Ireland and Los Angeles, America.

Crocodile Rock, 1978
Child of Light, 1976
The Drain, 1976
King of Worms, 1974
The Young Lawyer’s Doom, 1979
Two American Doctors Teasing A Patient, 1977
Our Duck Bishop, 1977

Fun fact today is when Marilyn Manson got married to Dita Von Teese in the mid-2000’s Helnwein was his best man and the wedding was at a castle owned by Helnwein too but when they divorced only a couple of years later, I don’t think any Helnwein castles were involved then but I have no way to confirm this? Anyway my all-time fave MM song has got to be The Dope Show, please enjoy it this morning!

Cheers 🙂


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