Hiding Songs: Evidence by Faith No More

If you want to open the hole
Just put your head down and go
Step beside the piece of circumstance
Got to wash away the taste of evidence
Wash it away

Evidence…got a taste of evidence

I didn’t feel a thing
It didn’t mean a thing
Look in the eye and testify;
I didn’t feel a thing

Anything you say, we know you’re guilty
Hands above your head and you won’t even feel me
You won’t feel me

So part six of my hiding songs with the lyrics and streaming just above. Released mid-90’s on the album King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime as track number three and off course also released as one of the album’s single with promo video too. I’ve got both the edited a little shorter single/video and then the a bit longer album version above, take your pick which one you what to listen too? If you wanna listen to it?

Songwriters were Billy Gould, Mike Bordin, Trey Spruance and Mike Patton which almost all the members of FNM at that point, only Roddy Bottum missing out on a songwriting credited for this track. It was the last and third song lifted from that album to become a single/video but a fourth one was planned but never ever happen in the end. I’ve also named that whole album one of my all-time faves a couple of years back but this would have to be my fave track from it. So this mellow smooth song beat out the more heavy and eccentric tracks! If you need more FNM here’s the link to that much older post! I totally missed their reunion tour a couple/few years back but was lucky to seem them a a couple times back in the 90’s live and both times they did play this song and I totally lose my mind in the most pit then even if your suppose to chili out in the slower songs.

Also when touring non-English speaking country’s of the world Patton been known to sing in that country’s language, like here’s the Spanish version sung by him:

BTW I did read somewhere all the members of FNM minus Patton are jamming out or writing some new stuff ATM which I guess, once they do have all the music set they will give Mike a call and we might just have yet another FNM album sometime, sooner or later! Maybe?  

Smiley Mike!

Cheers 🙂



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