Top Ten Tracks: Sex Pistols/Public Image Ltd./John Lydon

AKA Johnny Rotten! OK, I did say punk rockers for my weekly fave 10 song but here in today’s blog post I move pretty quickly into post-punk! Also moving last weeks from New York City, America to London, England as well, you know? Amazingly already it’s last one for January 2019 too. Does Johnny need an intro? I think, none of these artists do need any intro because they’re huge names in music. But very briefly Sex Pistols formed and them quickly imploded in the late-70’s, Lydon quickly forming his main project Public Image Ltd. or it’s PiL for short before breaking up at some point in the 90’s and then later reforming in early 2010’s. Plus he did one solo album in 90’s under his name which by memory the worst thing he ever did but maybe should have another listen to it because it’s been a very longtime since listening to that one.

Here are his songs I enjoy the very most in running order of releases from the years 70’s to 2010’s now:

Sex PistolsBodies – Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols (1977)

Public Image Ltd.Public Image – First Issue (1978)

Public Image Ltd.Albatross – Metal Box (1979)

Public Image Ltd. Four Enclosed Walls – The Flowers of Romance (1981)

Public Image Ltd. – The Flowers of Romance – The Flowers of Romance (1981)

Public Image Ltd.The Order of Death – This Is What You Want… This Is What You Get (1984)

Public Image Ltd.Fishing – Album (1986)

Public Image Ltd.Don’t Ask Me – The Greatest Hits, So Far (1990)

Leftfield & John LydonOpen Up – Leftism (1993)

Public Image Ltd.Deeper Water – This is PiL (2012)

Anyway my score line is three tracks from the 70’s with one cut from each of his earliest albums, then his 80’s with four songs and you’ll notices one album The Flowers of Romance has two from it so yeah, probably that 1981 album is my fave one as a whole of all his stuff! Then two songs from his 90’s and skipping 2000’s but I’m including one from his 2012 comeback. Less hit singles this week but a couple were pretty big at the times!

Maybe is that blog title is a bit shit and a bit long winded? I don’t know what to do with artists that work under or in more than a couple of different acts? Public Image Ltd. was his main band but off course the Sex Pistols was what he’s most well known for!

I’ve moved my top 10 tracks to Sunday which I think might be better day for it so try and do them each weekend now. What does everyone/anyone think about that then? Or don’t care what day at all, I guess not!

Johnny in late 70’s!

Who’s sharing your fave Lydon song/s now with me, please?

Cheers 🙂


    1. Oh yeah, Sid Vicious sings it and yeah, yeah I dig it but I guess I was only counting Johnny really anyway I will have another listen to it now! Cheers man 🙂


  1. I saw the Pistols a couple of times when they hit the comeback trail. Brilliant fun nights. Also went along to An Evening With John Lydon at the British Museum during its Punk Expo a couple of years back. John was belligerent, drunk and ‘orrible. It was great…

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    1. An Evening With John Lydon does sound great!
      Oh yeah, the Pistols did come down to Australia on a reunion tour too! I was living in Sydney on the dole at the time and couple hours before that gig I remember I was way across town at some interview trying to get a job, then when straight to the show and was in the mosh pit down the front, doing the pogo all night where my white shirt lost all it’s buttons and black pants somehow got ripped so it looked I was wearing a skirt by the end! When i go home everyone was still up watching some sci-fi movie and starting laughing at me and were like WTF happened to you?
      Cheers Steve 🙂

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    1. Oh right, here are the same songs again but looking youtube it don’t say where the videos/songs will play? See if these ones work? If you really wanna listen to them?

      Glad you like the last one too, most big fans seem to not dig the comeback!
      Cheers Sandra 🙂


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