Great Art: Daniel Richter’s Paintings of 2000

Already back to Richter and living painter/visual artist but like I did say last time I blogged about him: I really, really, really, really do dig his artworks! This was a transitional year for him before this his work was totally abstract, I guess you might say this is pretty abstract but at least you can make out human figures etc. before this and these ones I’m posting today they were just an avalanche of colors and patters. I might blog some of his late 90’s paintings too at a later date sometime but if haven’t seen them and really what too seen them right now? Maybe, just google them yourselves or something! Anyway it’s only four paintings today, all are oil on canvas and noticing all have just one word titles.

Tuanus, 2000
Zurberes, 2000
Junas, 2000
Phienox, 2000

Today is just one song to go with his paintings but it’s by The Fall. I’m going with the track from the mid-90’s entitled Bonkers In Phoenix because the feature image artwork is called Phienox.

Cheers 🙂

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