New Music: Self-titled by Moon Rituals

OK, here comes some new-ish music that I’ve been digging lately and because this first month of 2019 I seem to mainly blogged and my blog contained a lot of old music this month. So let’s end January with something for last year but I can’t believe it’s been missed out, so far. Well, I did re-post someone else a fave singer writing/talking about it last year linked here but I’ll have go at blogging about it myself now.

I did have a top ten of 2018 albums plus did write some pretty useless posts about some of my fave albums but let’s not over think this too much now this year, OK? Press play above and just listen to it yourselves and I’ll write a little about it below, OK? If it goes fine in my messy blog style, I might do some more next month!?

Yeah, it would win the most boring album front cover art of all-time and might be the reason it’s been passed over last year after a late June release. But the music on it is bloody great and amazing so please do check it out, if you are here having a little look at my post about it? I guess, it’s unbelievable to me it’s not more well-known because of the the two artists who are the duo Moon Rituals, were I should say because they’re now official over and called it quits already. So looks like this is the one and only album by them!

The duo is Sarah Hardiman from Deaf Wish and Mikey Young guitarist of Eddy Current Suppression Ring and Total Control which all are pretty huge Aussie bands but this sounds nothing like those acts. So what I now know about this little side project is: Sarah start it when living in Geelong and all her guitars were in Melbourne which is only an hour away but good reason for her to buy a Cash Converters keyboard plus inspired by These Things Take Time by Molly Nilsson of Berlin, Germany. Which I had no idea who or what that is? Plus I’ve only listened after her name dropping it but because I like embedding stuff on my blog here it is now, if you to want to have a listen too?

Notices track eight is called Hey Moon! but Molly’s album was only released in April of last year so to give you an idea how quick this album must have came together. Confusing then they do say it’s been a three year project but also Sarah was emailing Mikey, as you do? Even if they do date the earliest email in 2013 which I’m not the greatest at maths but that’s more than three, right? Then Young contributing guitar, bass, percussion, beats and synthesizers to Hardiman bedroom demos for the final result we can now hear as the final self-titled album. It might not be a news flash or if you did miss the two solo Mikey Young instrumental synth albums of 2017? It might be a good way finish my post today, to embedded that here as well! If you want to listen to them now?

I picked a copy of Moon Rituals only late last year but have been really enjoying it more and more so it’s a real grower! Highly reco album of 2018, if you missed it? I think that might be it? Everything I did what to say about it, I think? Hope you enjoyed it? Maybe even the bonus extras, if you listen to them too?


Cheers 🙂

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