What I’ve Been Listening to in January 2019

OK, introducing yet another new blog set for this year and now the end of the month or, well first day of the next month. It’s my little version of last month and maybe sharing music with you, whoever you are? A bit of a journal or diary for myself what I’ve been listening too. I did kind-of do something like this at the end of last year as a grand total so this could be a bit of a running monthly scoreboard. But only if I do remember or actually want to do it more than once or around every four weeks or 30 days, give or take. After yesterday’s post were was a whole post on mainly only one album, here’s a big pile of stuff I’ve been listening but haven’t blog about yet! I’m NOT going to be counting anything I’ve already blogged about in the last month or even two so not to repeat myself which I know do sometimes, hey?

Unsurprising Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds is my most listen to artist this month with 1986’s Sad Waters and 2013’s Higgs Boson Blues as his top tracks which both were played at that gig, if you wanna know? But will pass posting yet again! Starting with two America artists and then some Aussie acts and ending with a couple of duos from New Zealand.

Roger Manning is someone who I haven’t never blog about and I re-discover him on Bandcamp sometime this January and do wonder if anyone else out there know of him at all?

Those are Roger Manning’s three main albums but even more of his music is up on his bandcamp page linked here. I don’t know how long it’s been there, maybe not that long at all? Roger Manning is or was a late 80’s and early 90’s New York City artist who got included in the anti-folk moment of that time. His debut album which did have a different front cover was originally on the indie punk label SST which is vaguely how I remember I discovered him because basically I got a lot of releases they put out. Roger Manning first or number one album or just RM1 as listed on bandcamp was put out in 1988 but I don’t know when I got but I’ve still got all my copy’s of his three. In 2014 he even released a new album entitled Roger Manning number four, RM4 off course.

Still undecided about her new sound really but one of the best new albums I think released last month would have to be Remind Me Tomorrow by Sharon Van Etten, if not the best. She does seem to be popping up everywhere right now so I don’t think I’m telling you nothing you might not already know? Getting more and more poplar now, I don’t know if it was some master-plan of her’s but not releasing a new album for four/five or whatever years it’s been? Drip feeding two or three songs over the last couple months has worked out pretty great, I haven’t got a copy yet myself but most likely will just for the fact love Sharon, her old music and artists got to do something new too!

A couple more a little older tracks before more new-ish stuff, OK? Some reason or should that be no reason I can tell you or type down now. I’ve been hammering lately are 2013’s Calendar Days by Dick Diver and 2016’s Numb by Mere Women, both Australian acts.

Calendar Days by Dick Diver

Numb by Mere Women

To end with this somewhat random post today of music with three Australian and a couple New Zealand tracks that mainly came out at the tail end of last year or around about then who for one reason or other I’ve only been playing a lot in the last month or so, maybe? Deaf Wish is the same singer-songwriter as yesterday’s Moon Rituals album that I blogged about so that’s what I meant by totally different everything!

FFS by Deaf Wish

Twice Shy by Bitumen

Dangerous Heartbeat by Dark Fair

Lovers Leap by OV PAIN

Not Human by DOG Power

All these Aussie and Kiwi bands above are on indie labels and I’ve linked to their bandcamp pages too, links by clicking on the band’s name. If you want even more music by them? Because I like/love them so I’ll mostly likely or should I say I hopefully will blog about them in more detail at a later date sometime?

It’s Sharon Van Etten who tops the first month of this year!

PS if you haven’t heard yet? An Aussie act that needs no intro King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard just dropped brand new tune Cyboogie late last night!

Who dig this idea of end of the month/starting a new one post? Who listen or enjoy that or some of it or you want to tell me you didn’t listen to any of it at all?

Cheers 🙂


  1. Lots of great tunes here William. Was not familiar with Roger Manning, but he’s got an interesting sound. I really like ‘Twice Shy’ and ‘Not Human – was not familiar with Bitumen or DOG Power either, but will check out more of their music. I’m starting to get into Sharon Van Etten too, as I’ve also seen a lot of recent press about her.

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