Great Art: Marc Quinn’s Shit Painting and Shit Head sculpture of 1997

Things are getting crazy again in my art blog post this weekend. It’s literally a shit painting and sculpture and the artists’ shit too! Some people say visuals artists don’t have a sense of humor? But then again maybe this is pretty sick sense too? Because I did find one of these images below under a web-page on art gone too far or something idiotic! I feel sorry for some people who missed the memo where it tells everyone art can’t go too far and the far you go the better it is or too far really doesn’t exist!

Anyway Quinn before and after did go on to better artworks but I still love these, they’re more Shit Paintings he did and in an art book of his work I’ve got even got has detail close-up of them too. To me these artworks were pure and totally genius because as an artist myself or even a viewer of other’s arts plus everyone’s an art critic themselves looking at artworks and at an art gallery have you ever heard someone say that’s a shit painting? Well, you can say in reply: Nope, it’s not but here is one! Also have you ever call or been called a shithead? Once again, you should know what I’m going to say but then again I’m just being a smart-ass now!

Anyway Quinn is an English artist who lives and work in London, born in 1964. I’ll return to some of his others of my fave artworks of his at a later date. The Shit Painting below is a work on paper but he also did another ones on canvas, my book shows me nine Shit Painting but this is the one I can find online today but you get the idea, I guess? All these painting are sealed with epoxy resin too! Shit Head is once again the artists’ own faeces and can see by the photos below it’s sealed in a transparent box.

Shit Painting 28/8/97, 1997
Shit Head, 1997 (close-up)
Shit Head, 1997 (installation view)

Keeping with the shit theme today for the music also. I’ll go out with the Aussie band of 1985, TISM from the album This Is Serious Mum, which is what TISM stands for too. Have you ever heard their song entitled Defecate On My Face, well kind-of please do enjoy it now!

Cheers 🙂



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