Top Tens Tracks: The Stooges/Iggy Pop

So James Osterberg Jr. which is his real name who has been called the grand-daddy of punk more than a few times so I’ve just gotta put together my own fave tracks fave list. Does everyone know who he is at least? Hopefully you’ve listen to something by him by now? I say this because I remember I did once meet a young poor girl at a party who told me she’s never heard of Iggy Pop! I should say that I call her and say poor for not never hearing Pop’s music but having to listen to me for something like the next half an hour or more talking about him and the whole history punk rock etc. You could say my blog is kind-of like that? Sometimes I just think everyone knows all this stuff but unless your intro to it somehow you don’t know it, I guess one good thing about the internet these days!

Here’s my ten Iggy picks…

The Stooges  I Wanna Be Your Dog – The Stooges (1969)

The Stooges – Loose – Fun House (1970)

The Stooges – Death Trip – Raw Power (1973)

Iggy Pop – Nightclubbing – The Idiot (1977)

Iggy Pop – The Passenger – Lust for Life (1977)

Iggy Pop – I’m Bored – New Values (1979)

Iggy Pop – Loco Mosquito – Soldier (1980)

Iggy Pop & Kate PiersonCandy – Brick by Brick (1990)

Deborah Harry & Iggy PopWell Did You Evah! – Red Hot + Blue [compilation album] (1990)

Iggy Pop & Nick CaveNobody’s City – The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project: Axels & Sockets [compilation album] (2014)

First three are one track each from the amazing three Stooges albums of late 60’s and early 70’s. Next five are from some of solo Iggy albums, oh no make the next six because the Candy duet was on one of his solo albums too. Then the last two are from comp albums and Cole Porter wrote the Harry one, yeah it did featured on her top ten tracks too so I do totally love that song! Then finishing just like I did with the Blondie/Harry post a couple weeks ago with Cave and Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project track. So that’s a bit of a tribute to American post-punk band The Gun Club and singer- songwriter Pierce, I do love those what ended up being three albums and do highly recommend to anyone to track them down, if you haven’t and like what you hear. As well on that duet with Nick it’s ex-Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore playing that mad solo. It is by far and way my fave track Iggy in more recent times which I had to included with his old more classic tracks. I think maybe Loco Mosquito is most likely the little less well-known one but all are his classic old songs if you’re a big fan.

Maybe, changing my fave 10 songs posts to Sunday morning was a bad idea! Both last weekend and this pile don’t seem like the best to listen at this time. Maybe, hopefully you’re looking/listening a bit later on?

I’m going change to some of my fave pop music acts for the next couple coming weekly posts of my top 10 tracks sets! Because someone did kind-of say need a little bit more pop songs, a little while ago. To me, I might be wrong but pop means popular and it’s so popular I feel no need to even talk/write about most of it! I’ve picked out two big pop acts for two weekly posts which I do totally love and can easy make my fave 10 songs lists for!

One of more bloodly crazy photos ever of Iggy, I think it’s early 70’s and at a gig!

What’s your fave Iggy Pop song/s now, pretty please?

Cheers 🙂


  1. YoHo! Now you’re talking. Iggy is the most featured artist over on SteveForTheDeaf for good reason. He’s the daddy of it all. So much great alternative music is tied to The Stooges, Bowie’s Berlin Period, Iggy solo and his guest appearances I liken to a band winning a medal. If Iggy turns up to talk over one of your tracks you’ve just won a gold. His filmography is a fascinating mix of B-Movie Schlock and High Art too. Gawd love ‘im. You’ve got Loco Mosquito in there so you’ve got the correct answer too. Brick By Brick is so under rated to so nice to see Candy make an appearance.

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  2. I always like, to like posts about Iggy. I love a lot of his music. But he has done lots of crap on his records too.
    As a german, I always have a problem to like a post under a picture showing a sawastika on a SA-Shirt. Because like most of the germans I’m not proud on this chapter of our history.
    The world has no problem with that picture. But germans.
    I know, that Iggy is no fascist. The world knows it too. But since the inventing of the political correctness thing there is a new inquistion on the way:
    Many boring people here around without any sence of rock&roll provocation (70s style) may think (or write me): Are you serious? You are reply a nazi-post?

    For those who think this way I need to explain first: Read something about Iggys interest on the NS since his Berlin-Period as a Jew himself! So you see: No need to get panic!

    Now the music:

    10 tracks? How many songs has the “lust for life” Album? 🙂 His best! Only strong tracks on it!

    Than came “New Value”, under rated. I like it till today. It was my time when it came out! Bowie came with “lodger” the same time. But “lodger” is crap.

    Then the “brick by brick”. Stroke 3 to me.

    I don’t like the stoodges so much. But “funtime” is great. Kiev Stingl (a german underground star) was doing a coverversion with funny lyrics.

    An extremly interesting album of Iggy is “Avenue B”; very different to is work; very philosophical about midlife crisis, divorce, and standing up as a statue of rock, as the face of eternal underground… You should listen to when you get 50 yourself.

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    1. Wow-wee dude, really sorry about that sawastika! i didn’t think about that, it was Iggy looking all messy and flipping the bird but after posting i did find more about the photo: it was on August 11th 1974 which Pop performed an improvised play called ‘Murder of the Virgin’ at Rodney Bingenheimer’s English Disco which actually in Los Angeles. It’s The Stooges Guitar/Bass player Ron Ashton in the Nazi uniform and had a whip which Iggy wanted Ron to whip him but he couldn’t do that. You can see it’s a whip in his hand, at first I was thinking it was a microphone but look closer anyway his head is cut of in the photo so you can’t see it’s Ron. It was pretty close to the end of the Stooges as a band then too. The photo has been used on bootleg live album cover but no recording of the ‘Murder of the Virgin’ was made, i think? Others were wearing costumes too but I think what I can figure out of stuffed written about it Ron was supposed to be the bad guy beating up Iggy, wearing that uniform but Iggy did it all himself, someone gave him a pocket knife in the crowd so that’s where the blood comes from. They are more photos of the nights show, it does look totally crazy!
      I know and got to say some punks like all that stuff, skinheads etc. but I’ve always been like the Dead Kennedys song nazi punks can F-off!
      Anyway cheers for sharing your fave Iggy too, I’ve got a bit of a long wait before listening to his Avenue B album but I’ll get to that age one day, i guess? 🙂

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