Classic Albums: Homo by The UV Race

You might ask how in hell do I follow one of the world’s biggest bands blog post yesterday? Well, with the total opposite so here’s The UV Race! An indie, garage, lo-fi, punk Aussie band which is not very well-know at all. Plus bonus points for the fact the album is entitled Homo too! Don’t be scare off or offend or something else just come and listen to some great music but maybe you have been already? I totally love this band and just have to include them, this is their second album for 2011. BTW the third album was entitled Racism with a huge map of Australia on the back of the album cover, highly recommend that one too! If you like/love this one? Well, all their stuff is totally wicked great in my opinion!

Before anyone does get hung up about a band calling albums Racism and Homo, yeah I guess it’s a bit of a theme. But here Marcus the lead singer-songwriter in the liner notes for this album:

The tenth song is Homo. This song is about how we are all homosapiens, Homo the word is most commonly known as homosexual but everyone is a homosapiens and it’s a beautiful word.

Some people might be offend or something be that too but these days everyone seem to be hung up about a lot of stuff and I can’t do much about that. They’re no lyrics inside the album just more explanations because I guess the idea of that is artist always get asked about songs so they done it inside the album already. I does remind me of seeing them live, they’re wicked live band so if you can somehow see them please check them out! Anyway Marcus does this live on stage too, like another song on this album Burn That Cat which was the funniest intro I remember he was saying something like “This song about a bad dream or nightmare I had so please do not burn any cats” and he goes into more details about that dream/nightmare in the album liner notes too.

That is my official theme song too ever time I goes over east to Melbourne, if you want to know? Because a lot of the time that’s what I’m doing when there or some of it! The UV Race does counted as a Melbourne act because that’s where they play their gigs but really or they were based in Warragul. Which is a small tiny place about a hour outside of Melbourne but I don’t if that’s changed lately? Maybe it has now and I should check?

  What else can say about the Homo album or The UV Race? Or that might just be it!

Homo track listing and times:

1. Girl In My Head – 2:55

2. Burn That Cat – 2:01

3. Lost My Way – 1:58

4. Inner North – 4:47

5. Nazicistic – 4:28

6. Down Your Street – 4:15

7. Slow Mo – 1:49

8. Low – 2:56

9. Always Late – 4:07

10. Homo – 5:37


This list below are my 120 favorite albums, so far because I’m in the progress of blogging a post per fave album. Now Homo by The UV Race is the 121st album post!

Who else then really loves the Homo album? Or wanna say something about it now?

Cheers 🙂



  1. Ah!!! I ❤️ It! I couldn’t hear all the songs in the album because it kept asking me to get Spotify but I loved the video UV Race. Hilarious and catchy.

    Now I am going to go to sleep and dream about a horse. 😆

    For real though. I like it. I will have to check them out some more. 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Perfect song just before bed, horse dreams are the best!
      i don’t know? Maybe, it’s not on USA Spotify or something? Here’s bandcamp page: diff songs and albums, this one not on it for some reason?
      But you can buy CD on sale for just $5 here:
      if you really dig them? i would if i was you, highly reco, you know your CD collection isn’t complete without Homo by The UV Race!
      Cheers Sandra 🙂


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