Top Ten Tracks: Prince

I did say pop stars for a couple of weeks’ top ten tracks blog posts and Prince off course would be my number one pop star of all-time ever! He’s way more funky than most of them and some here could be just total rock! Which my ten picks here of his song or my all-time faves should be rammed up to full volume and then some! Guitar solos on some of these tracks below are insane and well worth looking/listening out for too, can I call him an under-rated guitarist? Explicit lyrics below too but don’t forget he’s the artist that got awarded the very first tipper sticker, you know? I don’t need to say anymore to intro him, do I?

Head – Dirty Mind (1980)

Little Red Corvette – 1999 (1982)

Raspberry Beret – Around the World in a Day (1985)

Starfish And Coffee – Sign O’ the Times (1986)

Electric Chair – Batman (1989)

Gett Off – Diamonds and Pearls (1991)

My Name Is Prince – Love Symbol (1992)

Peach – The Hits/The B-Sides (1993)

Loose! –  Come (1994)

Cindy C. – The Black Album (Released 1994 but recorded around 1986)

So that’s early 80’s to almost mid-90’s in the the order they were put out at the time, with six 80’s and four 90’s to make my ten. Yet another artist I could easy do the next ten and another after that but maybe some other time, OK? Anyway it’s half and half of a mix of hit singles and album tracks today just to mix it up and keep you on your toes! All are from some of his biggest and well-known albums but The Black Album seems to be the only one that might be a little harder to find these days, it was only a limited release so it’s been heavily bootlegged too!

Another of my fave pop act next week for part two of my fave pop star top ten tracks, who could it be?

80’s Prince guitar solo!

Who’s joining in the fun today and going name your fave Prince songs of all-time?

Cheers 🙂


  1. I’ll second Starfish and Coffee, Raspberry Beret, and Head (although mainly for the synth solo). Another favourite is ‘Gold’ from The Gold Experience. But we have a fair bit of consensus for such a large catalogue.

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    1. Oh yeah, The Gold Experience is a bit under-rated album even if it did have one of his mid-90’s hits on it but the title track is so wicked great too, your so right about that!
      Cheers Aphoristical yet again 🙂

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    1. Oh yeah, it’s gotta be one of the greatest opening lines of all-time! off course, i do love those hit songs too but i was also trying focus some non-singles and just some album track I really totally dig too!
      Cheers yet again 🙂

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  2. Great List…this could arguably be the hardest list I could ever make. I’d have an easier decision picking my favourite child. I’ve narrowed it down to about 30, and I’m already in tears. My brain is beginning to smoke, an I can feel an aneurysm coming on. (FYI, I only have on child, and I don’t know what I’d save 1st if the house was on fire, my wife, daughter, or hard drive). I will have to get back to you, if I can…please don’t make me do it. Can I do my top ten Beatles songs instead?

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      1. Ok, I have no hair left, and I narrowed it down to 28 Lol

        Erotic City
        Let’s Pretend We’re Married
        Hot Thing
        Strange Relationship
        Alphabet St
        Anna Stesia
        Joy in Repetition
        Girls and Boys
        P Control
        Black Sweat
        Let’s go crazy
        When Doves Cry
        Gett off
        My name is Prince
        Paisley Park
        Pop Life
        17 days
        She’s always in my hair
        Feel U Up
        Violet the Organ Grinder

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      2. You did it, Amazing! Well, why not 28 and is very wicked cool stuff but off course it’s Prince! i could very easy do part 2 and even 3! Maybe, that’s a good idea for sometime? the next ten or top twenty etc. Anyway thanks again and do hope your hair grows back soon!
        Cheers Julian 🙂


  3. Hmmm, you realy teach me to give some records a second chance. When I was listening in the black album, somewhere in the 90s, I thought it is crap. But today: Cindy C – is very hot!

    my Favorits are:

    1. The beautiful ones
    2. Darling Nikki
    3. dance on
    4. Money don’t matter tonight
    5. Pacely park
    6. Cream
    7. gett off
    8. diamonds & pearls
    9. sign of times
    10. purple rain (liveversion, that i was listening in the 80s, when I was riding by train – and a guy with recorder sat behind me and was playing a tape: a very long version with a gorgeous guitarsolo in the middle of the track. I never heared it again; I’m still searching for.)

    I wrote a post the day after Prince died here

    the title in english means:

    Not in the age of 57, Baby!

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