Playlist: 3 Mixtapes I send to Canada last year

Here’s something I’ve not done for a very long old while now! Made some mixtapes or well, that’s a CD-rs really because my tape desk is still rooted. I’ve been sending something to this guy who live in Canada at least once a year for the last few years and the last time I did blog the tracks that were sent out on the cassette tape last time, posted back in 2017 and linked here if you wanna a look/listen to that one too?

These three mixtapes I send out in mid-December 2018, they were send out late last year and most likely got caught in the Xmas presents rush but were not really that. Before that there were some others which I’ve total forgotten what the songs were. The dude from Canada just messaged me on that site again and last time he send more than a few burn CD’s. Anyway here’s what I send to him in the old fashion snail mail way, most likely blog about some, if not all these artists/songs before but a little about each song/artist below too! Enjoy, if you have a listen!

CD-r #1:

Mod ConKidney Auction Blues is Aussie three pierce which pretty much one of my fave songs last year and Erica Dunn singer-songwriter won my fave artist of 2018 blog post award show, you know?

Mere WomenNumb is more Aussie music which is now two or three years old so it’s taken me a little longer to catch on to them!

Joel SilbersherNo Teeth he’s been around in the Aussie indie scene since late 80’s but playing/joining Joel here is two ex-The Drones on drums Mike Noga and lead guitar is Gareth Liddiard.

The New SeasonMake It Easy On Yourself is earliest band by Jarred Quarrell who’s now is going under the name Lost Animal, yeah more Aussie stuff!

AdalitaCarpetbomb is the first cover here, originally by Aussie act Harmony and from a whole album of covers entitled Carpetbombing – Deconstructions. Adalita right now is doing her 90’s band Magic Dirt reunion.

Lisa MitchellWah Ha is a bit of an older one from around 2014 and maybe the last song of her’s I really, really liked/loved and yeah she’s Australian but fun fact is Lisa was born in England.

HTRKPunch is another older one from also 2014 and I do quite like the newer stuff released late last year and a whole brand new album coming in 2019, yeah Aussies yet again.

ThundercatA Fan’s Mail (Torn Song Suite II) so the next four are non-Australians, OK? All four I did seen at Golden Plains fest 2018, which is pity 😦 I’m going to miss this year.

Kamasi WashingtonTruth both these two or this and the last dude jammed together live on each others set, they played the same day but with a few acts in between them both but would have to be two of the greatest on that day.

Aka KakDaa Nyinaa I think these two were the best oversea acts on the second day at Golden Plains fest 2018, this guy is like 80 years old or young because he out did everyone younger that him there and didn’t stop smiling the whole time too and you couldn’t help by dancing along with him.

 The Black AngelsCurrency played just before the two or was it the three main or headliners on the Sunday night which they total destroy the much bigger acts that played after them but they’re much more my thing than the huge names.

Augie MarchFake Jive back to more Aussies again with the next two tracks! I did once see these two perform together live and they had WASO or West Australian Symphony Orchestra with them but these are from their 2018 albums.

Sarah BlaskoPhantom both these two Aussie acts did release album number six last year too, I think that’s it for samey stuff by these two act who really have nothing to do with each other.

Mark KozelekWeed Whacker is the Sun Kil Moon/Red House Painters singer-songwriter self-titled solo album from last year.

Gold ClassStanding At The Fault is the first act I did put on that cassette tape last time for the Canada dude so I must love them but it was a different song, yeah yet another Aussie band.

Xiu XiuSharp Dressed Man is the next cover and off course I don’t need to tell you, it was a ZZ Top hit back in the 80’s.

Tropical Fuck StormStayin’ Alive Erica Dunn from Mod Con out front singing this 70’s Bee Gees disco classic cover and making a sandwich on mixtape #1.

CD-r #2:

Tropical Fuck StormAntimatter Animals is opening the next mixtape. The Drones’ Gareth Liddiard new project who normally sings and writes all the songs other than the Bee Gees covers which he didn’t write, off course.

LiarsNo Tree No Branch Liars did my fave live gig of last year! When a man walks on stage wearing a wedding dress you just know it’s going to be an insane live show or you should do?

The AintsRed Aces if you don’t know by now, it’s Ed Knepper and some mates finally recording songs he wrote back in the late 70’s for the punk rock band called The Saints but never recorded then.

West ThebartonReasons is another crazy wicked live band this time from Adelaide, oh right all these bands/artists are Aussies yet again. Anits/Ed: Brisbane, TFS and Liars: Melbourne.

Pale HeadsMilk Eyes the songwriter to feature the most on these 3 mixtapes, he’s also in Harmony and got his solo track on number three mixtape too, his name is Tom Lyngcoln and has even more band that didn’t get on these mixes.

Little Ugly GirlsTractor down to Hobart city now, maybe I should included an Australian map and teach geography to my blog readers? Quiz after reading this to see if and who knows where all the Oz capital cites are, OK?

DispossessedThronebreaker getting pretty heavy now and off to Sydney, everyone knows where that is right? Anyway they’re an Aussie Indigenous metal band who are just so uncompromising and unapologetic.

PaganImitate Me here is the first of two female front metal bands and they’re both unbelievable wicked great live too.

High TensionTake Control both bands are from Melbourne town, the drummer Lauren Hammel also plays in Tropical Fuck Storm too.

Dead CrossGag Reflex so the next three bands are from oversea, this is Mike Patton on vox and ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo too.

The MonksI’m Watching You is the oldest song but it was only released last year after someone finding old unreleased 1967 recordings, thanks to Jack White’s label.

MastodonWhite Walker so who like Game Of Thrones? Incredibly mellow song by these guys was put out a few years ago now.

Joe McKeePolysong For Juniper back to a couple of Aussie acts. Joe is from Perth on the west coast but he’s been living in America’s west coast Los Angels city for the last few years now.

HarmonyI Love You is once again written by the same guy who Pale Heads’ Milk Eyes and Adalita’s Carpetbomb plus a song from his solo album is coming up later down this list, just to show how different a songwriter can be or something?

Mark Lanegan & Duke GarwoodSave Me I think maybe Mark go a few posts or appears in a few more of my blog post late last year, maybe more than anyone else? These last two on #2 are both oversea acts as well, you know?

Xiu XiuSycamore Tree is the fourth and final cover. I really should have included an original Xiu Xiu track, not just two covers but I think all I can say about that is these mixes were made a couple of weeks apart from each other. This is written by David Lynch, sung by Jimmy Scott and on Twin Peaks – Fire Walk with Me soundtrack back in the early 90’s.

CD-r #3:

LiarsMurdrum well, I really loved that gig because I’ve on two Liars tracks but both are originals, he’s from Melbourne too.

New WarGet In The Boot for number three mixtape we’re back mainly in Oz but this act has an American singer and three Aussies based in Melbourne again.

NunWake In Fright OK, Melbourne just wins hands down easy as music city of Aussie bands I dig and put on these discs.

Croatian AmorDark Cut (Featring Jonnine Standish) an oversea artist but Jonnine is the singer from the HTRK duo which were on mixtape #1, above.

Time For DreamsYou’ve Got A Friend yet another Melbourne band, well they’re just duo too.

Joel Silbersher & Charlie OwenThe World Is Softest I think I must have forgotten again I’ve already included Joel but this one is his his more chili out mid-90’s were the one above is couple of years ago now.

Tom LyngcolnCircling The Years here’s the Pale Heads and Harmony bloke solo track from his debut solo album from early last year.

The Peep TempelKalgoorlie another Melbourne three pierce but he’s singing about Western Australia mining town or the Aussie’s biggest hole in the ground.

Lubricated GoatJason The Unpopular another Perth bloke or Stu Grey the singer-songwriter was from here but he moved over east. This is the opening song from his debut album back in the 80’s which was half recording in Perth and then the other half in Adelaide while he was hitchhiking back and forth to Sydney, he now lives in New York City.

Not From ThereSich Öffnen this band immigrant to Australia from London with Austrian-born singer-songwriter sung here in his native tongue which was a minor Aussie indie hit single back in the late-90’s.

Nick Cave & Warren EllisSpace X in Australia we call these guys expats more than anything else because it’s been decades since they live in this place but both call it home when they regular visit it to do tours etc.

Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsAnimal X recorded around the time of 2013’s Push The Sky Away album, not included on that but released as a 7″ single.

Sun Kil MoonGod Bless Ohio it’s Mark Kozelek again who’s an American, he lives on the west coast but this song he’s singing about where he was born and grew-up.

Xylouris White – Only Love I gave the Canada bloke this act before because there was a bit of a Dirty Three theme on that last mixtape. So it’s Aussie Jim White drummer and Greek singer and laouto player George Xylouris but this song is from last year.

Alex CameronCountry Figs which I can’t stop playing this album so I had to included this, the second song in. BTW He’s just finished recording his third solo album which I guess he’ll be release sometime this year?

Kirin J CallinanS.A.D. aka song about drugs were Aussie bloke goes to Cuba and makes a bloody crazy video. So who whats to get high tonight?

I’ve gone back to embedding every single song from different player thingos so it’s does take forever to load this post! Sorry, you can call me a dickhead or something if you like? I couldn’t find them on one so it’s mix and match but is anyone going to press play a lot to listen to everything here? It was most likely better getting the three CD-rs in the snail mail than looking or trying to listen to this post but did anyone to any or all the song/s?

I used a sticker for this brand new record label as the front cover because they included some in the box when I got the record last year and it’s a cool logo/image too!

Hope whoever check out all or any, enjoyed them but I’ll still ask you, who dug which or what songs now?

Cheers 🙂


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