Cover Versions: Bobbie Gentry’s Courtyard by Mercury Rev feat. Beth Orton

Bobbie Gentry would have be one greatest under-rated singers and songwriters of all-time! So it’s very cool she’s got a couple of new releases lately to highlight her totally greatest! Following the wicked epic huge box-set reissue of all her albums plus the unbelievable amazing unreleased tracks which did win my own reissue of last year award, highly reco release!

Now comes, well released a week or two ago the 90’s alt-country rockers Mercury Rev and a whole pile of female guest singers covering Gentry’s 1968 second album The Delta Sweete in full plus her biggest hit single Ode To Billy Joe too. Somehow I’m picking just one track but most likely included the the whole thing anyway, it’s really no surprise I like Beth’s song the best. Orton is my fave of the of all these singers, she’s also covering what would be originally the final song on the album entitled Courtyard which is a perfect closing track if ever there ever was one! The hit single does follow it on this revisited recorded album, if you are listening to it as a whole?

 BTW Beth Orton also once had a song called Bobby Gentry, wrong spelling I know but I’m embedding it today:

Might as well include Bobbie’s second great album in full now:

Also Mercury Rev and even more guest singers covering that same album:

It’s Bobbie Gentry up in a tree for some reason? She was a country girl, I guess!

Cheers 🙂


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