Great Reading: Atomised by Michel Houellebecq

OK, here’s the first of two books I just finished the other day, last week and I wasn’t going to write about any books anymore on my blog but I’ll give it another go today, tomorrow. I’ll start by saying I can’t write book reviews, this is going to be full of spoilers from now on because it’s more like note to self or I’ve just finishing it, here’s what I’m thinking of it all. So stop reading this blog post if you want to read it yourself and don’t what to know what happens because I’m going to give it all away! Repeat: STOP READING THIS POST IF YOU WANT TO READ IT YOURSELF!

I will say before really getting going I have notices some negative or hateful “reviews” which I’ll say goes to shows or kind-of proves the point the author is making, human beings are just pretty shit to each other! Some of these “reviews” haven’t even finished the book, how can they even write about it? Well, that’s a very belief conclusion after making it to the punchline in the epilogue after 365 pages. We as a race of people are very cleaver and pretty much at this point in time, if we really wanted to create something better than us we could! The very last line is: “This book is dedicated to mankind” because off course it’s written by one of these beings in the future looking back at the history which is the present right now on the person who kicked the the winning goal, if you will? Or let the cat out of the bag, if you don’t like sports?

So it’s a fiction novel that was first published in 1999 but setting is pretty much right now and we are already a little behind. That is unless someone is already doing part of this in secret which could be possible and could be easier without convincing the rest of us but does leaves the problem of human beings to die out a little too open and would we even do that? I would what to say yes but most people wouldn’t just die as the book says it could happen, it’s a very good or even great idea and a strong case is build over the novel or just read the news headlines any day of the week. Maybe, biologists are not at that point were they could or even would create a better life form right now? That’s the idea, one of the main charterers is who makes this break thought and puts it into action. I guess, in the novel some people do stick to the old messy ways of doing things but they’re in the minority in the end which I could see happening after a longer time period, I guess?

Anyway the two main charterers are half-brother born, growing-up into adults which is an import fact. They’re born from the same mother and not that far apart in age but so very different men in the end but still put up with each other because they’re family. Some say these are very unrealistic charterers who’s then written a negative review saying they can’t even relate to anyone in the book. I say fuck off to them and not everything is about you and why does that really matter? I don’t relate to anyone on any TV shows anymore on any major channel but do they stop pumping the shit into my home? Nope!

Any who, I’m really getting off point which is this: that man/woman-kind both is totally shit which is no big news flash to anyone with half a brain but we are also very cleaver beings so we should invent someone else to takeover that is better than ourselves without all our problems or whatever you want to called them? Then we as a whole should simply die out and let that someone else have go at what we pretty much fucked up! Off course none of this is going to happen because we can be even more shit to each other for longer and can fuck it up even more until nothing is left for anyone else at all! Anyway this post is just turning into a rant so I’ll stop now but it’s a very cleaver novel and I liked it a lot even if this post is really totally useless and very pointless!

This is what my book front cover looks like!

Here’s a song to finish on because it’s a music blog, you know? It’s Thom Yorke’s other band Atoms For Peace with Before Your Very Eyes…

Cheers 🙂


  1. Why are you considering ceasing book reviews on this blog?

    To be honest I don’t read novels much anymore. The free time I have is generally used to listening to, and discovering new music. But you have eclectic tastes, which offers books that some readers of your posts are unaware of.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OK, I’ll try and keep them up and write something about every one i do finish for now on! Thanks for saying so toooo!
      Cheers again Julian 🙂


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