Great Reading: The Conspiracy Against the Human Race by Thomas Ligotti

Here’s the second book but I did started this one before the one in yesterday’s post and which both over laps in some ideas too! Back to back book blog posts and I do highly recommend both these books to anyone out there who needs something great to read! But like yesterday’s post you really shouldn’t be reading this post because I’m going to give it all away in this pretty shit and pointless blog post, OK? Both are epic in writing and my writing is total rubbish and even my explanations are very crap! So please stop reading my blog post today, yesterday. Just go and find these books and read them yourself instead, if you’ve not read them yet? Once again spoilers alert and repeating again: STOP READING THIS POST IF YOU HAVEN’T YET READ THIS BOOK!

I guess to start with, yesterday’s book Atomised had a very happy ending compared today’s book! To quickly get to the point: if you’ve had children in your life you’ve done the totally wrong thing and if not had any children you have done the totally right thing in your life which is off course the opposition to everyone on earth in the human race way of thinking! The Conspiracy Against the Human Race put forward a theory that man/woman-kind should just die out which means stop reproducing children. It’s by no means the first to say this idea but also throughout the book returns to people who have had the same idea, some what a history in a way. Off course they’re very few who have said this out load and mass of other people very quickly reject it.

This is a philosophy book written by a fiction horror author, first published in 2010. It’s just 245 pages long with the end notes included but every page is worth reading. Now I know the idea for almost all people on earth not having kids is like some kind-of nightmare so who better to write about it than a horror author? I’ll back track a little because the main first idea, maybe the conspiracy in the book’s title the human race has tricked itself in to thinking “being alive is all right” adding to this is “especially when you consider the alternative” but off course not really thinking about it too much does help. The author points out at some point mainly as young children we figure out we are all going to died were most other living things don’t know this fact so we get older, don’t think about too much and get on with living life etc.

Anyway like yesterday I once again totally agree with the author today! Cutting short this blog post because I could go on and on about this but I’ll stop now. Off course, it’s not going to happened too because we are more likely to destroy everything and everyone or just repeating everything with every new generation over and over until whatever? Maybe I should stop reading stuff like these books because I seem to agree with them even if I would like to be a tiny little bit more positive about people in general but it’s really hard looking at the world we live in right now!

Once again, my copy’s front cover looks like this!

Once again, it’s a music blog so here is a song to finish on, I Wanna Die by Jolie Holland which today I’m changing the song title to Human Race Should Die!

Cheers 🙂

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