Great Art: Jeff Koon’s Paintings of 2000’s

Could be one of the most popular or well-known visual artists I’ve blogged about but unlikely most of them, this is going to to be Jeff’s one and only art exhibition post on my blog. These artworks are the only ones I really find interesting in anyway, he’s labeled a pop artist following in the foot steps of Andy Warhol. More about Andy later but I do find pop art so boring and very un-creative. Now I could explain this more but would bored everyone to shits so I wouldn’t bother. I guess just letting you know very few pop artists will appear here but lucky Jeff is the very first.

Mostly known bests for his sculptures but I’m focusing on his paintings today, they’re way more in these sets of paintings but I’ve culled it down to the ones I like the best for one reason or more. Well, the last three paintings below I find very funny more than anything which might or might not be what he’s after, I don’t know? Those who might not get the punchline? Andy Warhol has a very famous set Elvis paintings which actually is Elvis in the artworks. Koons’ is his ever loved/used blow-up lobster which appears in by now in hundreds of his artworks, a Playboy magazine playmate centerfold of the month model Heather Kozar and mostly black & white cartoon background. I really didn’t know if I should have included them? But they’re the most like or seem closer to his more well-known artworks so it seem right to finish on them.

The top six paintings are easy my fave of all his artwork he’s ever done. The way more kind-of abstract composition but using that hyper photo-realism style in a cool and maybe different way, cut-up or mix and match images piled high on top of each other but totally flat gloss like a photo, not looking much like a painting. Off course, all the images used are very pop art and you could throw around the word juxtaposition forever. I think the feature image of Elephants painting works the very best of this idea. Anyway Jeff Koons is an American living artist, born in 1955. All paintings are oil on canvas too.

Hot Dog arch.tif
Hot Dog, 2002
Bagel arch.tif
Bagel, 2002
Junkyard, 2002
Lips, 2000
Beach House, 2003
elephants (2).tif
Elephants, 2001
Triple Elvis, 2009
Quad Elvis, 2008
Elvis, 2003

OK, I guess today’s song to finish on should be sung by Mr. Presley. So I’ll pick from 1973 Steamroller Blues!

Cheers 🙂

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