Cover Versions: Black Sabbath’s Paranoid by Weezer

Or maybe it should be just titled my one and only Weezer blog post! It’s also now the third cover I’ve blog in 2019 from yet another whole album of covers released in less than of the first two month of this year. I do love a good cover but is this might be getting a bit silly now? Paranoid cover is on The Teal Album, well it was another album entitled Weezer but it’s something like the fifth or sixth self-titled album by them and only difference is the color on the front album cover. I haven’t yet listen to all the tracks but they all seems almost all very fateful covers to the originals or the ones I’ve heard, so far. Off course, the only one I’m really interested in is the Black Sabbath one. So why not blog about it? OK, I will! It’s worth noting it’s Brian Bell the rhythm guitar player and normal backing vocalist on lead vocals on this Paranoid cover but Rivers does play a pretty cool guitar solo!

Anyway in other news Ozzy Osbourne cancelled his whole Aussie tour or Download fest gigs next month. I think, it was late last year when he first started to put out of some shows but sorry to say, I kind-of knew it was coming, promoters are a bit silly to not have a back-up plan! They have said something like it’s only three weeks away now so we can’t do anything but as soon as he was hospitalized last year you would think they might be thinking/knowing Ozzy might not be coming and be trying to see if you could get someone else to fill in, if possible? Really because even he got better quicker than he is now, he was never was going to be jumping on a plane, flying half way around world after pneumonia! Not that I’m even going to Download fest but I guess Slayer are the headliner closing act now? Anyway get better Ozzy Osbourne, wishing you well!

   Next month comes yet another Weezer album called Weezer AKA The Black Album which are original songs and produced by Dave Sitek of band TV on the Radio. I did kind-of enjoy the single dropped late last year or didn’t mind it but maybe because only of the zombie reference, I love almost everything zombie you know? It’s from a black album as well and I always like that idea with others by The Damned, Prince, Jay-Z and Metallica doing them over the years, oh even Spinal Tap too. I guess, I’ll check it out at some stage?

I might as well continue a little bit more because I’m on a roll now. Weezer were are a big huge band from the 90’s and I’ve never blogged about but I’ve never been much of a Weezer fan. Sometimes people did think I’m a Weezer fan, it happen or I’d got it a lot back in the 90’s for some reason? I don’t know why? So they did missed out in my fave albums list, I’ve done all artists/albums at the end of the alphabet for that set of blog posts and since then I did want to say something about some of the acts who have missed out, I can’t have everyone even if sometimes it does look like I am and after yesterday’s post this is the second one and least a couple or maybe more posts about some other bands/artists are coming soon!

That’s got to be easy my fave song by Weezer which is from their 1996 second album, Pinkerton. Track number seven El Scorcho and the lead single too. I don’t know why I’m really blogging about them at all, I don’t know that much about them? So above in this blog post is now my all-time fave song, a cool new/zombie track and BS cover version by them!

Colorful Weezer

I’ve got to ask now? What’s your fave/s by them? Please!

Cheers 🙂



    1. I couldn’t really get into them but that seems a little bit unfair now! Oh, they’re on the Mallrats movie, that’s one of what’s his name? someone Smith’s film, what he did after Clerks film, i enjoy that one but never really followed him after that too! Those are both cool tracks, cheers yet again Steve 🙂

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  1. I love Weezer (though I don’t care for their current song “Can’t Knock the Hustle). That cover of “Paranoid” is great, and I also like their cover of “No Scrubs.” My favorite Weezer song is the one that EVERYONE ELSE HATES – “Beverly Hills”. Yes, it’s pop, but it’s so damn funny & catchy, and encapsulates everything about Weezer being the poster children for nerdy guys who can’t get the hot girls. I don’t get why everyone hates it, and I love it.

    Rounding out my 10 favorite Weezer songs are:

    2. Island in the Sun
    3. Buddy Holly
    4. Say It Ain’t So
    5. Perfect Situation
    6. Hash Pipe
    7. Pork and Beans
    8. Feels Like Summer
    9. Undone – The Sweater Song
    10. Happy Hour

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    1. Just listening to all your picks and thank you for sharing again, i did enjoy them! I think, that makes the debut blue self-titled album by them your fave, maybe? I guess, i can see/hear why you love Beverly Hills song but also does make sense everyone else hates it too!
      Cheers 🙂

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    1. Well, i did after posting this listen again to the pinkerton second album in full which was 1st in a very, very long time! it’s aged very well so maybe i should give that one another go too! 🙂

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