Great Art: Anselm Kiefer’s Lead Paintings of the mid-80’s

OK, I’m getting dark and gloomy today because I guess all paintings can’t be bright and colorful as my last two and three art posts but pouring molted lead onto paintings/artworks isn’t going to help. Lead pretty much only comes in various tones of grey so that’s what you’re getting with these artworks also adding blacks, browns and then yellow is the palette.

Might as well say and go into all the mix mediums used in the paintings below now, they included three kind-of paints: oil, acrylic and emulsion which both the first two are normal artists paints but most wouldn’t mix them together and them emulsion is normally house paint for walls and ceilings. All paintings below minus two have the four mix medias but even more details are: Iron Path also has iron, off course but olive branches too. Osiris and Isis also has on it clay, porcelain, cooper wire and circuit board. Emanation, 1984-85 don’t have any of the paints and is only shellac on photograph mounted on cardboard with lead, off course. Emanation, 1984-86 is back the three types of paints with lead. Nigredo is missing the lead but including the three paints plus shellac, straw on photograph mounted on canvas with woodcut too. Finally the last artwork Departure from Egypt is only acrylic, charcoal, photograph mounted on cardboard with a bit of string hanging off it. I guess, could just say mixed mediums but love all this kind-of stuff!

Anselm Kiefer is a German living artist who’s mainly a painter and sculptor, born in 1945 so is age 73 and lived and worked primarily in Paris since the early 90’s. Once again he’ll be back for more in my art blog gallery later on sometime soon!

Iron Path, 1986
Osiris and Isis, 1985-1987
Emanation, 1984-85
Emanation, 1984-86
Nigredo, 1984
Departure from Egypt, 1984-85

Today music has got to be by Leadbelly which is the first artist who came to mind. I’ll choose De Kalb Blues which was first release on album from 1939 entitled Negro Sinful Songs.

Cheers 🙂



    1. Oh well, that’s just the intro post because he’s got more great work i want to blog about but you might have just googled him yourself by now? Glad you dig these art posts Kev and cheers yet again! 🙂


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