What I’ve Been Listening to in February 2019

Warning: I when down wombat hole in outback Australia, that’s like Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole but more Aussie so the heat is so bloody hot you can’t think even with air-con is on full blast because the desert air is the desert sand/dirt you are breathing in and out or trying too! It could have been a black hole/worm hole, is that the same thing? In out space because I’m an astronaut in my spare time now or really it’s just a new hobby I’ve just taken-up but just when into a black hole/worm hole! Nope, it was both those things happened this month anyway just a warning things are about to get a little bit crazy, weird and bloody noisy but totally wicked great too! If you going follow me down this blog post, OK?

So let’s start today on the little more normal music, if that’s the right thing to call it? At least they have some songs that have verses and chorus plus even words you heard what they’re singing about. Junction and High is an album by Sleeper and Snake released this month and I’m Terry album by Terry who is a band not a person but people are in the band Terry, they released I’m Terry album late last year. Terry the band is from Melbourne, Australia who have had couple of albums and EP before I’m Terry album. Sleeper and Snake is a duo of two members of Terry the band. Well, members of Terry are in more Melbourne bands which I have blogged lately about like The UV Race, Dick Diver plus Total Control and even more bands which I haven’t.

Next is some reissues I’ve listening too and re-discovered them. The late-80’s crazy, weird, noise makers from Germany the Caspar Brotzmann Massaker let loose Black Axis and The Tribe albums again in January plus the early 90’s albums are going to be reissued soon too. Then I when looking for Caspar Brotzmann collaboration with American indie rocker from the Helmet band Page Hamilton, album entitled Zulutime from the mid-90’s.

The White1 and White2 albums by Sunn O))) were both reissued late last year and I’ve been listening them and their crazy, weird, noise or doom metal or whatever it’s called?

Just when you think the Kiwi band The Dead C couldn’t get anymore noisy great, they released Rare Ravers album sometime in January.

Just when you thinkthe Yank band Xiu Xiu couldn’t get anymore weird great, they released Girl with Basket of Fruit album earlier in February.

I’ve just embedded all the bandcamp player/streaming thingys this time. That’s last month all done! Should I keep doing this next month too?

Xiu Xiu won my February 2019, if anyone wanna know?

Cheers 🙂


  1. Wombat hole, lol! Yep, it’s bloody hot here in Geelong too. The folk from Terry are lovely, I met them at Meredith or Golden Plains a few years ago. Or maybe they were playing then as Dick Diver, I can’t remember. But the guy, is it Al? and the girl. Anyway! Thanks for sharing, will have a listen. 😃

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    1. Yeah, so you’ve not been down a wombat hole before! I remember, what’s her name? from Dick Diver MC-ing the 1st GP i when tooo but it’s the bloke or is it blokes from DD who are in Terry the band, never have see both them live but did see the UV Race somewhere else when over east who were very wicked!
      Cheers Simone 🙂

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    1. Glad you found them interesting, i hope in a good way? i guess it’s all new stuff for you so maybe should have written a little more background on each album/act so very quickly and tiny bit more is Xiu Xiu are American and Girl with Basket of Fruit is the eleventh album, The Dead C are New Zealand and that’s the 17th studio album, Sunn O))) are American too and White1 and White2 were originally released in 2003 and 2004 and i seem to wrote a little more about the 1st two or three, go figure? Experimental music would be a better word to describe them all, i guess!
      Cheers Marilyn again 🙂

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      1. It’s amazing to me that bands can be around for so long nowadays and have so many albums out and I still haven’t heard of them. Regardless of what country they’re from! Music is just so diversified now, in such narrow markets. Even experimental music used to get played in wider markets. Anyway, it’s all very interesting. Thanks.

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  2. Where are you located in Oz? I seriously don’t miss Melbourne winters, although Mum keeps telling me they are not like they used to be.
    In SoCal we have had the coldest period of weather that I’ve experienced here, in the 23 years I’ve lived here.
    Remember a great man once wrote, ‘Give me clean, beautiful and healthy air – not the same old climate change (global warming) bullshit! I am tired of hearing this nonsense.’

    Sorry I cannot comment on the music yet, but am looking forward to listening.

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    1. I’m in Perth, if you wanna know Julian and it’s always hot here but been cooler summer this year, i did read somewhere just other day and the weekend has cooled off tooo! it was more a comment on the music than the weather really like it going to weird, experimentally or whatever if you listen to them or something?
      Cheers 🙂


    2. Climate change is not nonsense. I’ve lived in the Coachella Valley since November 2011, and 90% of the months during those 7 years have been warmer/hotter than normal, not a good thing for our already scorching summers. Yes, this February was cooler and wetter than normal, thank goodness.

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  3. Very different, but ear opening as always. Xiu Xiu is always great.

    Here are some of the ditties that grabbed my ears this month…

    Fat White Family- Feet
    Eric Gales- Whatcha Gon’Do
    Aida Victoria- Different Kind Of Love
    Sleaford Mods- Flipside
    DE Staat- Mona Lisa
    Fidlar- Too Real
    Gary Clark Jr- Pearl Cadillac
    Starcrawler- Hollywood Ending
    Rocstrong- Blood Spilling
    Pet Shop Boys- What Are We Going To Do About The Rich
    Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes- Crowbar
    Anna Calvi- Don’t Beat The Girl Out Of My Boy
    Kamara Thomas- Good Luck America
    The Savage Rose- Romano
    Castle Pines- Woo Hoo
    Talking Cure- The Old Actor
    White Lies- Tokyo
    The Raconteurs- Sunday Driver

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