Wicked Songs: The Planet Of Straw Men by Tropical Fuck Storm

So giving the heads up yesterday on social media a brand new shiny song was coming today which meant I wanted it then so just all really proves the internet made me very impatient now!

The song entitled The Planet Of Straw Men was dropped over night, it was release by the bands’ U.S.A. label Joyful Noise Recordings so waking-up to it this morning. And now off course, I’ve got blog about it which is following yesterday post about seeing them live yet again over the long weekend here in Perth. Telling sign froward is I didn’t say in yesterday’s post but zero The Drones’ songs were played unlike TFS last year’s setlists. Nope this new one wasn’t played live then!

The Planet Of Straw Men is going to be pressed on neon orange color vinyl 7″ backed-up on the flip side with cover of Can’t Stop by Missy Elliott. This cover song does make sense and them covering a rap song this time is perfect! Over the Aussie summer the TFS band has been hard at work in their own recording studio and full brand new shiny album is coming soon later this year. At this point only saying mid-year but it’s already the third month of 2019 so I’m guessing it’s two/three months away, no more info as of yet! They’re also joining the Flightless records label here in Australia which is the King Gizzard & The Wizard Lizards bands’ record label for that coming soon album. The Planet Of Straw Men new track today is a very wicked start for the next Tropical Fuck Storm chapter being written as I’m typing here, I’ve just got to share this one right now, enjoy!

The Planet Of Straw Men lyrics are:

it’s got some looney tunes biology
the planet of straw men
their only purpose is to disagree
and do it publicly, amen
they’re always going for the coup de gras
they think they’re gonna fuck a movie star
but all paths lead to nowhere
and it all adds up to nothing

it radiates more of a loneliness
than it does a visible light
but its beacon to the cosmonaut
a weekend to the taikonauts, alright
and so then Bejing send her diplomats
and the Kremlin sets their wire taps
and they send a probe to mine the gold
on the planet of straw men

don’t hate the player, hate the game right?
don’t hate the singer hate the song
but don’t go saying that to the straw men
or to their rubble kings, king kong
they want the glory of the coup de gras
a mating ritual or a courtship dance
but all paths lead to nowhere
and it all adds up to nothing

you’ll be picking Chinese cotton on the moon soon
on the planet of straw men
you’ll buried in an egg then disinterred i’ve heard
and made to do it, all again
up on the surface its a charcoal roast
there’s ruined temples in the undergrowth
and strange insects chirping
with all the rancour of a coliseum

they want the glory of a coup de gras
they want the glory of a coup de gras
they want the glory of a coup de gras
on the planet of straw men

Yesterday on social media: Flightless Records said “Welcome to the family Tropical Fuck Storm (TFS Band) We’ve always loved you 💕 clip and new single dropping tomorrow!!”

Cheers 🙂


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