1. Oh yeah, i’ve the other single/video from her debut and it’s been a while listening to any of of her full albums but i think if was to name one album as a whole it would A Girl Like Me too!
      Cheers Rob, can i call you Rob? i should i say, Cheers Robert πŸ™‚


  1. I guess my favorite Rihanna songs would be:

    1. Stay (with Mikky Ekko)
    2. Love On The Brain
    3. Love the Way You Lie (w/Eminem)
    4. We Found Love (w/Calvin Harris)
    5. Only Girl in the World
    6. Don’t Stop the Music
    7. SOS
    8. Disturbia
    9. Diamonds
    10. Monster (w/Eminem)

    I hate ‘Work’ and ‘Four Five Seconds’

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  2. Okay, she is a beauty. But her music…..?

    I’m to old for that. It cost a lot o’nerves, like Waylon Jennings sang once.

    “Shut up and drive” was okay.
    And that thing with Paul McCartney some years ago. I forgot its name.

    Only two songs. 8 are missing.

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    1. Fair call, she would make my top 10 of most beautiful woman on the face of the world but is that sexism or something? i have seen her live and she does write a catchy pop song plus someone was asking for more mainstream stuff on my blog so are you saying i shouldn’t?
      Maybe, you might like my today’s blog post? or not, i don’t know? They’re Aussie band who recorded their last album in Germany so you might be interested just for that fact? Or couldn’t care less?
      Maybe, next weekend’s TTT post will be more your thing?
      Cheers πŸ™‚

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      1. What’s the Name of the Band? Aussies in Germany?

        To Rihanna one more time: It depends only on my age. Its a Generation-thing. I’ve lost interest in newer Artists/or Music; after 45 years of music-junkie-nism. The newer once are copying old styles and lyric-ideas, they repeat one short line 50 times a song, or they komposing in a kind like talentless puzzlers put pieces together in totaly wrong ways.
        I’m to old for Coldplay, Bruno Mars, Passenger, Beyonce (except “Survivor” and”Formation”), the whole rappers legion, Mrs. Swift and all Grammy Winners of the last 10 years.

        If old heroes are doing new stuff – that’s another pair of shoes: They are telling lessons from a loooong life. Thats still interesting.

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      2. it’s totally a good point, i do know what you are talking about! i do understand because i am less and less interested in the mainstream music but people seem to really wanted it! BTW I’m writing something kind-of about that right now and hopefully will posted it tomorrow or sometime soon?
        Anyway the Aussie band recording an album in Germany is called My Disco and here’s a link https://a1000mistakes.wordpress.com/2019/03/11/live-gigs-my-disco-rock-rover/
        Cheers πŸ™‚

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  3. Nothing against Rihanna, but I can honestly say, I could not name a song of hers. Whilst there are many, many new artists doing great music, most of the popular stuff, I am clueless about, unless my daughter plays it. I did come across a song I dug from an artist named Billie Eilish. Turns out she’s only 17, go figure.
    Sorry I know this post is about Rihanna, but I wanted to comment. πŸ™‚

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    1. Totally fair call! I understand, someone asked for something more mainstream 21st century music and that’s what I came up with! So go figure? I prefer anything that’s not whatever but sometimes you can’t escape it so i do listen to just about anything!
      You might like my live gig or art posts better than this one about pop music? I posted about a band called My Disco who don’t play disco music btw on Monday and today, kind-of talk a little bit about mainstream vs non in the great art post with a song by an artist who is on a major label but i think you might like them better or maybe not?
      Cheers πŸ™‚

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