Live Gigs: My Disco @ Rock Rover

After not blogging about much gigs for the last six months or something here’s the second weekend in a row now I’m posting about one! Rock Rover is a new venue I told but wasn’t told it’s basically the South Freo Bulldogs Aussie rules footy club/bar room which is one of the oldest places I know in Perth/Freo and haven’t a clue why I wasn’t told this, you know just put it on your posters/flyers/ads because it just confused the hell out of me! Maybe, I should know because a Rover is a part of a footy team but I’ve forget this important fact! My old man dragged me to footy games when I was a little kid but I disliked any sport when I was younger which off course in Australia makes me a total outcast, freak or just a dickhead! But this was where my 1st 2 Big Day Out music fest played back in the 90’s plus in-between them at some point Midnight Oil played here too but outside on the grass. As far as I remember I’ve never ever seen a gig in the club/bar room before but Perth/Freo is totally running out of live music venue now so it’s great they’re putting them on here!

Amazingly 5 local acts played before My Disco, yeah that’s right five bands so six in one night which pretty crazy! My Disco didn’t finishing until after one o’clock! All the names of these bands were on the pierce of paper I had to print as my ticket but was taken at the door. I think I’ve seen some but not all before but I can’t be bother trying to remember them all, sorry! I did get there very early even if I was lost or something to start with? I don’t know what I can say at all about all those bands? Is it mean to them to say I just wished My Disco played longer, it’s the reason I got the ticket and I know they’re trying to put on a full night and maybe My Disco can only be booked or only play for whatever amount of time anyway. I didn’t get the memo about wearing dark black and looking like an 80’s goth too, is it me? But I find any sub-culture very limiting too, do you know what I mean or not? Even some of the bands playing seem so easy fit into that style but doing nothing new with it at all. Anyway I was wearing the totally wrong colors so didn’t really talk to anyone all night, drunk a couple of beers, kind-of enjoyed two of the earlier acts playing, did picked up the brand new My Disco record at the Merch table, didn’t get a T-shirt this time because I’d got one last time and most likely I’ve got too much band T-shirts already.

On with the main act: My Disco! As you can tell, if you’ve pressed play already? Or even looking at the poster/flyer as the feature image today or the album cover artwork, they’ve gone very minimalist which I guess, even their older stuff did have that in it but here it’s been stripped bare to an inch of it’s life! Well, that’s my first impressions of it all. I’ve only heard it once before going to the gig which they played the album in full plus some older songs like one of my fave King Sound and have been listening to the new LP a few time since then. Even the lights or should I say one light at the gig, one fluorescent light behind the drummer which was turn on at the start and then turned off at the end plus a smoke machine pumping all set long which at some points I couldn’t even seen all three members of My Disco! Just this fluorescence glow of the smoke covering everything. It was amazing to see because it’s the total opposite to any live show, you know? Like a million lights flashing non-stop all night long.

As a whole, their show was an incredible thing to experience and I’ll be playing the new album more plus do very highly reco seeing the two last gigs on this Aussie tour in Victoria and South Australia next weekend, if you can? They’re playing oversea very soon too, with the UK and Euro dates already booked please check out the huge tour and more at, I guess fb is the best place to find more info so here’s a link! The album itself entitled Environment was recorded in Germany and it’s running time is a little under 35 minutes so maybe could have been a little longer but I guess I’ll flip it over and start again! Below is a remix version of the album plus almost 45 minute mix by them too! BTW If you know nothing about them, I think this is the fourth/fifth full length album by them plus they have a few EPs released as well, website here and bio here. I love this band so bloody much and thank you for coming back to Perth/Freo, if you somehow see my little blog post!


Cheers 🙂


  1. Impressed by strange music 🙂 I was listening to the whole album “environment”

    This sound reminds me a little bit on Pere ubus sentimental journey and a lot on the german underground star Frieder Butzmann; who had a little bit fame in the early 80s with sounds like that and surprising lyrics.

    How you declaired: This album is short but perfect.

    I’m in the same mood, when I discoverd the second album of Haggard “Awaking the centuries”. 40 Minutes, but no fillers!

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