Great Art: Matthias Weischer’s Efundener Mann of 2003 & some of his early 2000’s paintings

Back to more painters in the visual arts which is far and a way leading in my great art gallery posts and nothing is going to catch anyway! Another painter of oils on canvas today, who’s very painterly but he’s very tricky because from a distance or maybe even these photos of his paintings or even in a real art gallery, you or someone might look at these very quickly and say or think “oh yeah, interior rooms” but if look closer they can’t really work in the way we all know interior rooms or exterior are in reality. Maybe one of his most well-know or maybe just an older artwork that shows this the best is the painting entitled Efundener Mann of 2003 where the shape of human is out-lined but then is made-up or where the head should be is a house-hold picture frame.

Anyway to maybe explain a tiny bit more about the art I enjoy the most in general or I’m just remember myself because it’s been a little/long while since looking at my own art books! Someone was kind-of asking this question other day, I will say this: Here is my view on some of very popular contemporary 21st century art which a lot of it is so very hip and happening and is way more fashionable than the artists/painters I have and or will blog about here, after 18 art blog posts and looking over the last month or two at my now old art books, here’s one of the main thing jumping out at me but not obvious to someone else well might not be, I’ll spell it out is the psychically of the creative process has to be in the finished and final artwork. Does that make sense to everyone reading/following my blog and these art posts? Where the opposite is like the group or school or whatever of the Damien Hirst like artists of now-ish who it seem to me do the best to totally re-moved themselves totally or not showing themselves in the creative process in anyway, shape or form! They’re say some of the most popular in the art world right now but a lot of seems to be made just for big headliners or something too? So does it come as a great big shock to anyone knowing most of the music I like/love the best is unknown to the masses? Yeah, I’ve tried to included more mainstream music because some people seem to be totally obsessed with it but at the same time thrown a lot of stuff some or all have never heard before but seems like a losing battle and sometimes, I do wonder why I am even bothering? Because if it’s not known by millions of people already it’s like it’s not important at all! I do know I go against the gain or popular opinion or whatever so it’s my own fault and everything! I’m not really sorry at all about this fact because just look at say the political world of mainly including Australia, America and the UK right now, I don’t want get into Politics on my blog at all but I’ll some-it up briefly for anyone who what’s me to share with them: right now the masses couldn’t have screwed it themselves up better, if they did even try harder! That is my polly rant over now and back to something more positive because I didn’t want to get negative on my blog because the world is over-flowing with total BS already so I’m adding a full stop right now.

Matthias Weischer is a currently living visual artist/painter who was born in 1973 making him the youngest of my art posts, so far! He was born in Germany and now lives and works in Leipzig. So yet another Germany artist which I might have said before like/love a lot artists from there but off course not every single one of them too. All his works are oil on canvas which I did say before my rant so you might have forgotten, I don’t know? I might stop typing now anyone/everyone can enjoy the art and forget what I did say above!

Vogel, 2004
Interior, 2003
Figur (Selbst), 2004
Bühne, 2003
Efundener Mann, 2003

Today’s song is the Flaming Lips’ Waitin’ for Superman from The Soft Bulletin of 1999 which might seem unrelated but it is so if you don’t get it, just enjoy the music!

Cheers 🙂



  1. My sense of art is very conservativ. In Music I like avantgarde too. Strange Sounds from Pere ubu or Neubauten are very okay. But: In case of paintings – I have a problem with the modern ways. I know a little bit about the idea behind these ways of makin’ art. I understand the motivation to beat the photographers, but I can not teach my inner soul to start loving the results. Sometimes a modern Painter can surprise me. For instands Neo Rauch, l like some- and I hate some of his works.
    My cup of beer are rather paintings by Caspar David Friedrich, Moritz von Schwind, Ludwig Richter, Düsseldorfer School … all from the 19. Century.

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    1. Thanks fine and cool man! i think i will get to older 19th Century art/artists but i’ve just started with in 21st and 20th Century, i guess!
      Cheers 🙂


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