Great Art: Fiona Hall’s Sardine Cans sculptures of 1989-90

So seems it’s the weekend now let’s get a tiny little bit sexually explicit today but because it’s art it’s all mode and made out of tin and aluminium cans! It’s official title is Paradisus Terrestris and there are 23 in the full set and as you can see they’re botanical specimens which are juxtaposed with erotic vignettes or body fragments. To me, his does make totally sense but I guess it don’t to some people but I’ll let someone else better to explain all of it, just google it you’ll find writings all about it!

I will say now all were hand-made by Hall herself and now can be found in National Gallery of Australia, Canberra. Yeah, she’s an Aussie and she a still living visual artist who was born 1953 which makes her… oh my head wants the whole weekend off and doesn’t do math at all but you are most likely better at figuring this out yourself. I do know for a fact Fiona Hall was born in Sydney, New South Wales but these were made while also working/lecturing at the South Australian School of Art, Adelaide. All artworks do have titles themselves and are named after the botanical specimens names. I’ve picked out only five artworks for the close-up images of the artwork but all 23 in a set as a whole, it’s the feature image too. I think, that might be it for almost all my typing today!







That makes back to back art posts after a couple days not blogging. Song of the day to go with the art above is and staying in Australia but going back to 1983 with a track entitled Stuck On You by Sardine v which I hope you enjoy just like the art?

Cheers 🙂


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