Top Ten Tracks: The Who

OK, another one of the greatest rock n’ rock bands today! That’s right, isn’t it or not? You tell me? All I know is I did do some TTT posts on a few huge 60’s/70’s acts last year but I missed a few so making up today or at least to The Who now! They is no point at all writing any kind-of intro at all from them but if you need some bio from them here’s The Who’s wikipedia page linked here.

Let’s just get on with the music, my 10 picks are in released date order are…

Anyway Anyhow Anywhere – Single (1965)

A Legal Matter – My Generation (1965)

Disguises – Ready Steady Who (1966)

Tattoo – The Who Sell Out (1967)

Pictures of Lily – Single (1967)

Pinball Wizard – Tommy (1969)

Young Man Blues – Live at Leeds (1970)

 5:15 – Quadrophenia (1973)

You Better You Bet – Face Dances (1981)

Roger DaltreyInto My Arms – As Long as I Have You (2018)

So no clear winning album for me, useless you count that kind-of singles comp album? I think, my old folks had a lot or some of them albums which would have like all those 60’s/70’s acts was my way of discovering them and like I’ve say before Pink Floyd was my fave of them all, anyway it’s The Who turn today.

So fun fact today, if you didn’t know? My opening pick/song above is the first known recorded guitar feedback ever released on record! The score board this weekend is six tracks of 60’s, two in 70’s and one from 80’s plus one solo Roger song from only last year but it’s his beautiful Nick Cave cover because everything somehow has to be related back to him! BTW Pete Townshend has his debut novel entitled The Age of Anxiety which is coming soon and both Roger and Pete are working on a brand new The Who at the moment, the only two members still with us. If you wanna know what they’re up to now?

The Who are English, if you don’t know or can’t tell?

Who’s joining in today? What’s your own fave The Who track/s? Please!

Cheers 🙂


    1. Oh well, that just proves 10 is a small number really and you can’t fit songs from every albums in by bands like them!
      Glad you named a song this time too, that’s a great one too!
      Cheers CN 🙂

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  1. I did a whole week of The OO a while back but there were a lot of covers and stuff in there

    If I was doing a top ten I’d struggle to get it down under 17 tracks but

    Eminence Front, Squeeze Box, 5:15, The Real Me, Bargain, Behind Blue Eyes, Baba O’Riley, Pictures Of Lily, I’m A Boy, Heaven And Hell, Don’t Let Go The Coat, Who Are You, Won’t Get Fooled Again and Slip Kid would all jostle for position. Oh and Sparks, A Quick One While He’s Away, Substitute, Magic Bus, Let’s See Action and Join Together. And I really liked Be Lucky when it came out in 2014.

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  2. Yeah! WHO! 10 Tracks – no problem!

    1. You better you bet (“Face dances” is my favorite album, no one loves it. So what!)
    2. young man blues
    3. can’t explain
    4. pinball wizzard
    5. happy jack
    6. substitute
    7. love reign o’er me
    8. How can you do it alone?
    9. Who are you
    10. Free me (Daltrey solo)

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  3. Great band…..I would have included ‘Baba o’Riley’ and ‘Don’t Get fooled again’, both from the superlative Who’s Next album.

    And not sure anyone should be let loose on Into My Arms. Daltrey makes a good stab at it but nobody comes near Nick Cave! 😎

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    1. Oh yeah, i think Don’t Get would be my fave song from that album!
      Yeah, yeah i guess your right about Into track tooooooo!
      Cheers mate for joining in yet again 🙂


  4. “Won’t Get Fooled Again” is my absolute favorite song from The Who.
    The rest, in no particular order, would be:
    I Can See For Miles
    Pinball Wizard
    My Generation
    Magic Bus
    Who Are You
    Behind Blue Eyes
    Join Together
    Squeeze Box
    Baba O’Riley

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    1. Oh cool, you did your The Who ten! Won’t Get Fooled Again is great but i think i when off it after it was used on that American TV show’s opening, whatever the show was called? i forget the name but maybe you don’t know it at all!
      Cheers for joining in again 🙂

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