Great Art: Ghada Amer’s 2005-2011 Embroidery paintings

So it’s been seven days since my last art post but kind-of staying with the same theme today but different medium! I’ve been very lazy about blogging the last couple of weeks or even this month. Oh well, what can I do? Try and have next one sooner, maybe?

Ghada Amer is a currently living visual artist who was born in the year 1963 making her age 56 years. Born in Cairo, Egypt but as far as I know she lives in New York City, American now. I do seem to like/love some artists who use non-traditional mediums in paintings and today Ghada Amer’s embroidery into her paintings. Outlining the main image in the needle tread and if paint is used which I think three out of four toady’s artworks do have paint below, it’s acrylic which is water based and would work the best on paper, as far as I know all works below are on paper too, I think?

It’s number 20 great art blog post today, if I can count right? Which here’s the tag of them all linked here, if you’ve missed some or all of them? I guess, only starting this little project of cataloging all fave V artists in January 2019 and it’s 20-something today in March, it’s not bad work blogging really! As I’ve said before better writing about the artist, this weekend Ghada Amer would be somewhere else online, if you google her but linking her website here. Which I should have done that before for the other artists before Amer, I don’t think done that but will try to remember to do because more great artwork can be found over there. I’ll stop rabbiting in your ear now and let you enjoy Ghada Amer art!

Princesses’, 2005
You My Love, 2011
Knotty But Nice, 2005
Picture 1725
Snow White Without The Dwarves, 2008

The song of this Saturday blog post has just got to be by the collaboration between Jesu / Sun Kil Moon entitled Needles Disney of 2017 from the album 30 Seconds to the Decline of Planet Earth, hope you enjoy it too?

Cheers 🙂



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