Classic Albums: Space Coyote by The Tigers

OK, next up is a Perth, W.A. band which if you were not here or I would like to known if anyone outside of late 90’s Perfff knows it/them? Now, I know if I was smart cookie I should adding something like Tame Impala who are a big successful act from here which everyone knows and loves but let’s go with something less well known which does seem like a good reason to make in onto my little/long CA list of fave albums! If I get it done and posted before the end of the month, I’ll keep my three CA’s album average per month this year? It will most likely be back to back posts because I’ve only just posted the last one! Should spread them out a bit better, hey? Yeah, I’ve got some more well known albums coming soon, maybe next month but I was thinking to go with lesser known before getting to the bigger names but sorry I can tell you now, no Tame Impala make my cut!

Try searching google from this band or album you get everything but it/them! But it was the debut album by the band calling themselves The Tigers and album entitled Space Coyote. My own copy has a big white border around the black & white photo album cover image. Yeah, it’s horse so not a tiger or coyote just to be confusing or something? The album was released in 1999 following six track EP of 1998 entitled Death From Above which looks like it’s harder to find online?

So to be even more confusing Perth city now have a shit cover band called Easy Tigers which is what comes up first if you do search but has got nothing to do with The Tigers the band but Sabre Tooth Tigers is a side project of member of The Tigers the band, Sabre Tooth Tigers do have a bandcamp page linked here, The Tigers don’t or I can’t find it? Just to prove to oversea guest/s visiting my blog, we do have a few Tigers non-related stuff in Australia like footy team in WAFL is the Claremont Tigers or in the AFL is the Richmond Tigers and plus a band from Japan also does have the same name too!

Basically this whole album was recorded in two places, only couple songs the tracks number 2 and 4 were done in a real recording studio and rest were recording live to tape at 78 records shop which was a in-store gig. I vaguely remember them saying the live recordings were better than the studio ones but I have no way to confirm it!

Space Coyote track list and times:

1. Scared Like A Rabbit – 3:50
2. Snow Pea – 3:34
3. Smells Like Greek Spirit – 3:14
4. New Song – 3:13
5. Out In My Boat – 2:40
6. Baggy – 3:29
7. Happy Days – 4:08
8. hELO – 2:35
9. Space Coyote – 7:08
10. Buzz Buzz Buzz Go the Mechanical Bees – 2:14


This list below are my 124 favorite albums, so far because I’m in the progress of blogging a post per fave album. Now Space Coyote by The Tigers is the 125th album post!

Who else out there really loves the Space Coyote album? Or just listen now and wanna say something about it too?

Cheers 🙂




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