What I’ve Been Listening to in March 2019

April fool’s day joke is: I’m total surprised how popular the first two month’s of 2019 of these blog posts have been! So here’s part three now! Once again, I’m not counting anything I’ve already blogged about and really just the main ones I’ve had on repeat, OK? Here’s what my month of March was today:

I can never really dismiss Sun Kil Moon aka Mark Kozelek or whatever name he puts on the album cover? I am totally in love with Sun Kil Moon’s I Also Want to Die in New Orleans album which was released digital in early March but I got my physically copy by the 21st. It’s only seven songs album on 2CD’s again but it’s just the last song on the second disc. All tracks are very long tracks mostly and was re-named after he seems seen a poster for the rappers $uicide Boy$ album I Want to Die in New Orleans which then also references back to Mark’s lyrics already recorded on the track entitled Cows.

Sun Kil Moon musically are this time: Kozelek with Jim White who’s Aussie drummer from Dirty Three also currently in Xylouris White and Donny McCaslin who most well known for being David Bowie’s Blackstar albums’ band leader. I Also Want to Die in New Orleans by Sun Kil Moon has totally blow me away again, yet again! I could say it’s his most politically in you face album to date, his views on that apple cart which he up ends over and over and over. Just when you think he can’t better the steam of concessions lyrics but I’ve notices he’s got some of his worst reviews for it too, haters are going to hate but fuck them all! To me Koz does it again and he’s pure genius so buy your own copy here, if you do wish too?

Aussie stuff now, I’m still going on about albums released late last year! Self-titled seven tracks album released in early-November so totally missing anyone’s and/or everyone’s the end of year lists? Cyanide Thornton is yet again from Melbourne, Australia so can be very easy lost in the huge scene but I’ve got to embedded both the album and promo video clips today to highlight how much I like/love this!

Finally getting a copy of Warren Ellis’ The Bad Seeds/Dirty Three soundtrack/score to a film which I haven’t seen but here it’s it’s mostly just solo Ellis violin playing at his finest! After years of being in every band he can possible be in, he’s doesn’t need any band with him! They’re two or three tracks with Nick Cave which one has been used before plus a couple of Pacific Islander songs sung by them. Gauguin is Warren beautiful solo violin playing that is simply the best here, I can’t believe I’ve waited a year or something to get it!

Swans and M.Gira are in the very early stage of a new album but for the very first time I’ve got his solo demos, entitled What is This? calling it “Handmade Limited Edition CD Fundraiser” the almost sold-out run might be still available at his website/record label linked here. Little tiny samples of the songs can be found over there, it’s pretty much solo acoustic guitar Micheal Gira new songs. I got number 777 copy! Now he’s got a list of almost endless possibles for these new songs and members of the band have grown insanely huge but one thing I have to type here is Gira has somehow got planned for some of these new songs the Aussie jazz band The Necks playing with him on them, unbelievable! The recording for this new Swans new album was to start this or last month but I can’t see this all getting done before the end of the year? No release date is named anywhere, if we are very lucky? End of this year but more likely it’s going to be 2020 new Swans album! These demos don’t sound like demos to me, it’s more like a brand new solo M.Gira What is This? disc which are the outlines for the Swans to build on!

Both Scott Walker, aged 76 and The Prodigy’s Keith Flint aged 49 passed away last past month. You might have notice I’ve given up posting something after hearing the news but I’ve been listening to them off course, finishing today’s post with my two fave promo video clip’s by them are: Epizootics! by Scott Walker and No Good (Start To Dance) by The Prodigy!

Most likely listen to way more stuff, maybe it should be weekly or even daily posts?

Sun Kil Moon is Mark Kozelek (left) with Donny McCaslin (right) and Jim White in Hyde Street Studios recording. Who won my month of March album!

Cheers 🙂



    1. Oh cool, your buying a copy of his new album! Oh yeah, it was saying on the website the CD copy wasn’t coming until middle of April or something? So it was wicked cool when it turn up well before that! I guessing you got a copy of the free bonus live album too! So glad you dig them so much!
      Cheers again Marilyn 🙂

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