Great Art: Sarah Lucas’ Toilet art of the 90’s

Second visual artist to pop-up for a second time in my art posts, so far! I think she’s could or would be easy in my top five modern day v artists or living ones or both those, Lucas would also be my fave of all the some what well-known English V A’s too! A lot of those other’s some what well known English v artists will totally miss out in my art posts, you know? Not sorry to say, these are just my own personal faves which might seem like there are no rhythm or reason? But I’m very picky about art, you know? Today’s art can easy be filed under artist being a smart-ass too which I’ve had a few like that, so far? The last and first SL post was back in early January link here, if you need to look at that? Some more of her self portraits and her Jesus sculpture are over there!

Two of these artworks below are a part of her self portraits set of 1990 to 98, the ones which she is in. The last one below is a c-type print photo taken by herself of her toilet which since then it has been re-moved from the floor and wall to be shown in art gallery’s. Then two are made by her which one from cigarettes and the other is cast polyurethane resin, I’ll let you to figure out which one is which? Hope you enjoy them!

The Old In Out, 1998 (Installation view)
The Old In Out, 1998
The Old In Out, 1998
Human Toilet II 1996 by Sarah Lucas born 1962
Human Toilet II, 1996
Human Toilet Revisited 1998 by Sarah Lucas born 1962
Human Toilet Revisited, 1998
Is Suicide Genetic? 1996 by Sarah Lucas born 1962
Is Suicide Genetic?, 1996

OK, today song to finish on is going to be 2008 Aussie rap music and will prove that rap can be pretty crap and continue the toilet humor or both! The rapper name is Billy Bunks with the song entitled Devil’s Clay, enjoy if you can?

Cheers 🙂



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