Great Art: David Lynch’s Animal art of late-70’s & 80’s

I guess, you could really included his films/TV shows as great art? But I’m going to be looking at his visual art and starting with a few of his photograph art about the theme of animals or well, dead animals or are they all not animals? Bees are insects, chickens are birds and fish are fishes, well overall you can say they all included in the animal world or kingdom! All the dead animals turned into art, then the black & white photos taken by David Lynch himself and I know the the last two artworks below were a couple of gifts to Isabella Rossellini who was in his movies but both were in a relationship in the 80’s, you know? Lynch also paints too, you know? So I gotta blog some of those at a later date! Here’s now is my fave Lynch animal quote or another bird of the animal kingdom: a duck but also doubles as my fave Lynch art/painting quote too:

   “How a duck is made and where the different things are on a duck can give a clue to a more or less perfect composition  for a painting. If you could interpret a duck, if you could work with the rules of a, you could get something close to a well-composed painting.”

From the Rolling Stone magazine interview, Sept. 1990 issue.

Fish Kit, 1979
Chicken Kit, undated 80’s
Bee Board, 1988

I’ve just noticed Dougie is the name of the bee pretty much in the middle of the artwork just above so today’s song is going to one of the great music acts on the still kind-of new-ish Twin Peaks season/series. Sharon Van Etten has just released a brand new album a couple of months ago, this track just below is on that newer Twin Peaks soundtrack but the original version of Tarifa was on her Are We There album of 2014! That’s back to back art posts but both aren’t painter/artists so that’s what the next one will be, OK?

Cheers 🙂



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