Playlist: Where I Was In…. 1955?

OK, its’ kind-of recycled blog post today but half of it is totally new, now is 40 songs for 1955! Does anyone care about 50’s music these days? Anyway I did say last year when I first posted this with 20 songs, it was just a start so here’s an update now! Starting where I stop last year but changing it a little bit now, added more that one track of the same artists so the mid-50’s to me means year zero because Bo Diddley recorded his debut 7 inch singles. Bo get a song each ten tracks so four are included plus it’s Etta James, The Penguins, Frank Sinatra and Julie London all do have a couple each now! I do know it’s totally biased view of 1955 because I’m missed most of the biggest hits of the year but I’ve made it so it’s stuff I like/love! I think most styles of music back then is covered? I was going to give credit vaguely to where I first hear them but that might be a bit boring? How much can you write when reposting something? I don’t think I’ve done this before? Or have I? Tell me, if this reblog is pointless or whatever?
Cheers 🙂


Another yearly playlist today after another list of books. Seem right to have to blog a pile of music after not having any yesterday, hey? We hit the mid-50’s now!

My (Edit 12/4/19) 40 tracks that I picked from the year 1955 should be these…

  • Bo Diddley – Bo Diddley
  • Elvis Presley – I Forgot To Remember To Forget
  • Pete Seeger – Froggie Went A Courtin’
  • Tennessee Ernie Ford – In The Pines
  • Julie London – Cry Me A River
  • Fats Domino – Ain’t That A Shame
  • Chuck Berry – Maybelline
  • Smiley Lewis – I Hear You Knockin’
  • Mahalia Jackson – Jesus Met The Woman At The Well
  • Bo Diddley – Bring It To Jerome
  • The Penguins – Hey Senorita
  • The Spiders – Witchcraft
  • Big Maybelle – Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On
  • Nappy Brown – Piddley Pitter Patter
  • Muddy Waters – Trouble No More
  • Johnny Cash – Cry Cry Cry

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  1. Some great songs. I agree that 50s music, the appreciation of, and the popularity of it, has long gone. Ain’t that a shame. Maybe an American Graffiti remake, or even Grease, is needed for today’s youth to discover all the great songs, and artists. Perhaps Happy Days can be remade starring Bieber as Richie Cunningham, and Chance the Rapper as the Fonz? Even Elvis has become but a footnote. I wonder how many more generations have to pass before the 60s are forgotten, and The Beatles become nothing but a trivia answer.

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    1. That’s right, it’s a pity! Hollywood remake might do it but they would have to do it right because everyone will think the music no good if the movie a flop!
      Anyway cheers musickbed 🙂


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