Great Art: Daniel Richter’s 2009’s Paintings

Today’s art post is the first artist and painter to have three or it’s the third post by one visual artist! Both those posts were way back in January, the very first one was Richter and the end of that same month so linked 2005 and 2000 paintings/posts, if you want a refresher? Because don’t forget a pop quiz can happen at anytime and you know what happens if you fail? Or should that be you don’t want to know what happens! Anyway Daniel Richter, what can tell that I didn’t already? He’s a fave off course but he’s the artist of the very last art book I bought, well it’s catalogue of his exhibition which was somewhat a retrospect in America last year or was it the year before now? All works below are oil on canvas, if you can’t tell? Fuck, just look at that paint is all I can think so that’s what I’m typing now!

Diggy Doggy, 2009
Erinnerungen an S.O.36, 2009
ohne Titel, 2009
Grenze, 2009
Borderline, 2009

Today’s song goes kind-of with the title of the featured image painting just above, the brand new Tame Impala song is entitled Borderline too which you might have heard it or not? Today I’m going to tell my little story about them, OK? Well, back in the day before releasing anything or signing to major label, it was a very and I mean really very bad secret in Perth town that he did but I think I did see one gig before the big official announcement and I just wonder what in hell’s name the label could see/hear because I was thinking Perth has better bands that never go anywhere, why pick this three pieces? Cut to now to prove how bloody wrong I can be: they’re on an even bigger major label, headlining almost every huge festival around the globe this year, drip feeding songs to fans begging for a new album etc. Anyway good on them/him! I think my fave song by Tame Impala is Mind Mischief from second album Lonerism of 2012, enjoy!

Cheers 🙂



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